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Dec 22, 2022

James S. Mengel

     James S. Mengel died yesterday at his home, 207 Jefferson St., age 85 years.  He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mengel.  He was a member of the Reformed Congregation of St. Michael's Tilden township, and Lodge 103, I. O. O. F. , Hamburg.  Surviving are his widow, Matlinda; two sons, David Centerport, Samuel Leesport; a daugther, Katie, wife of Elmer Zimmerman, Hyde Park, and four sisters, Ellen, Atlantic City, Emma wife of George Neifert, Summit Hill; Mrs Regina Brobts , Ashland, and Mrs Adeline Kerling, Slatingtion.

     The body was removed to the T. C. Auman, Inc., Funeral Home.

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Scan of James S Mengel Obituary

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