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Mabel Floranda Mengel's Parents
Samuel R Mengel and. Clara Merkel

Arthur S. Anspach

Born Oct 18 1899 New York, N. Y.

Died::: Dec 1974

Married Age 24
Died Age 75

Cause  of Death

Burial Forest Hills Memorial Park, Exeter, Pa

Arthur S. Anspach and Mabel F. Mengel
Arthur &  Mabel Anspach



Mabel Floranda Mengel

Sep 17 1900 in Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa

Died:: Dec 1992 in  Greenfield Manor, Berks, Pennsylvania

Married at Age23
Died at Age 92

Cause  of Death Thyroid Cancer

Burial :Forest Hills Memorial Park, Exeter, Pa

married after June 25,2022                      Married 51 years


Given Name
Arthur S. Anspach

Archie, Uncle Archie

Height: abt 5' 10"
Hair Color:unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death

Given Name
Mabel Floranda Mengel

May, Auntie May

Height: abt 5'4"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Brown
Illness:Brain Tumor , Diabetes
Cause of Death


Arthur and Mabel Anspach had no Children.


Mabel was known to the family as Auntie May and Arthur as Uncle Archie.
They applied for a marriage license on  Jun 25 1923 in Berks County, Pa.

Archie was from New York City. His father had a candy factory there. His father invent the orange fluffy peanut candy that is still being made today. There was a fire at the factory and his father did not have insurance and lost everything. It is not known how they meet. It seems the story was incorrect. The building collaped, see the article below.

Archie loved baseball. He worked as salesman for fine men's clothes in Reading. They spent most of there marriage life in downtown Reading. He was a very refined man and loved children. He had a way of making everyone feel very special.

Mabel loved to play bingo and would go several times a week. She was known for her baking.   She especially was known for her Christmas cookies and cakes. She was a very good cook  Mabel did not know English till she went to school. Her cooking was Pa. Dutch. Several of the family recipes have been past down and will be posted at a later date.Mabel was very close to her Aunts and Uncles on the Merkel and Mengel side.

Uncle Archie and Auntie May were very close to Mabel's only brother James' children.

Mabel didn't change much over the years and is remember by her hair up and her jewelry. She was also know to us as Patty Cake..because she would do Patty Cake with us children.

Uncle Archie and Auntie May were loved dearly by the family.

Uncle Archie had a brother, but there were no sons. This was the end of the Anspach line.



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Mengel Family Tree

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A. H. Mengel and Margaret R.Connors
You are here Arthur S. Anspach and Mabel Florenda Mengel
Brother of Mabel Mengel and Wife James Samuel Mengel and Ethel Grace Huber
   Parents of Mabel Mengel     
Samuel  Reinzel Mengel and Clara A. Merkel

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