James Samuel Mengel's Parents
Samuel R. Mengel and Clara Merkel

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Ethel Grace Huber Parents
Harry  Huber and Catherine Engle

James Samuel Mengel

Born: May 29 1904

Died: Nov 4 1991 in Wyomissing, Pa 

Married Age 28 to His Third Wife Grace
Died Age 87

Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Exeter, Pa

James S. Mengel and Grace Huber
James &  Grace Mengel



Ethel " Grace " Huber 

Born::Jun 29 1912 in Reading Pa

Died: Jul 2 1987 in Wyomissing, Pa

Married at Age 20
Died Age 75

Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Exeter, Pa

  married September, 1932 in Reading Pa                      Married 52 Years


Given Name
James Samuel Mengel

Jim, Jimmy

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Illness:Three Heart Attacks, Rhomitory Arthisis

Cause of Death
: Suicide

Given Name
Ethel " Grace " Huber 

Grace, Gracie

Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel Brownish Green
Illness:Brain Tumor , Diabetes, Skin Rashes, Allergic to Shellfish, Colitis
Cause of Death  Pneumia


James Mengel & Grace Mengel
  had three children.

L. J. Mengel

L. J. Mengel

A. H. Mengel

A. H. Mengel

S. A. Mengel

S. A. Mengel


James third marriage was to Grace Huber

James'  first wife is unknown. He  got married very young and the marriage was annulled. He had a beautiful daughter by this marriage.  The mother remarried.
James and unknown had one child.
1. unknown daughter

James ' second wife was Anna M Schimd b: Oct 1870 ,whom he married 1924,he was  age 20, she was 54 years old.  She was married before and had 7 children, 5 children older than James..  Her previous, marriage name was Hoffman. James and Anna were witnesses at her older  son's wedding.  At age 25 James and is wife attended his step granddaugther's funeral.  We were always told she was very much older then him.We were told she was a very nice lady, that things just didn't work out. James had to track her down to get the divorce, to marry Grace, and had a hard time finding her. 
Read about Anna's 1st marriage with  Joseph Hoffman showing her children and their ages.

Now the Information on his third wife whom was called Grace.

James and Grace have three children.
L. J. Mengel
A. H. Menge
S. A. Mengel

Grace was eight years younger then him.

James was a very good cook. He spoke Pa Dutch ( High German ) till he went to school.  He did not finish high school. I do not know how far in school he went. He loved to fish. He loved playing  cards and gambling.   James didn't believe in cursing and was excellent at teaching cards. He never gave you slack. You learned the hard way, but you learned cards.

He worked as a Milkman as a young man.  He was a Republican. and member of the Republican Club. He was on the liquor control board. 

Jim as he was known, sister Mabel, did not have any children.  She was very close to her brother and  to his family.

Jimmy got in trouble when he was very young, his future father-in-law was the prosucutor. This was 12 years before he was to marry his second wife Grace. Grace would have only been 8 years old when this event happen.

James had three heart attacks during his lifetime. 

Gracie lost her mother when she was very young. Her sisters helped raise her. She only went to 2nd or 3rd grade. Her dress caught on fire when she was young and they rolled her to get it out. She would run in circles anytime when an emergency happened after this incident.. She was a waitress, in fine dining, most of her life. She worked at Nick's-Chat-Awhile in Mt. Penn for many years. Gracie, as she was known to the family,  always enjoyed a properly set table and always drank out of a china tea cup. She was full of life and loved to dance and enjoyed people. She loved the beach and she was very close to her family. Her sister only living a few blocks away. The Huber's would rent a place in Dewey Beach, Delaware and all the families and cousins would spend the summers at the beach and the men coming down on the weekends.

Gracie was full of life and enjoyed people. She loved reading romance novels. 

Gracie had a brain tumor, she became senile and eventually had to be  put in a nursing home. Gracie also had old age diabetes, this seem to run in her family, her father also having diabetes.

They lived in West Reading, Reading, Mt. Penn among other places. They owed the Octagon Bar in downtown Reading for many years. 

They were known as Nana and Pop Pop and one line called him Poppee

They are both buried next to Mabel and Archie Anspach in the Forest Hills Cemetery, Exeter, Pa.  This is James sister.

James Mengel's Will was filed in Berks County as follows

Wyomissing Hills Borough James S Mengel  04/11/2022 Date of File

Wyomissing Borough E. Grace Mengel 02/07/2022 Date of File

There has been rumor of another, child father by James. No prove has been found, at  this time. Gracie tells a story that a woman came and needed money for her baby, that the baby father , was her husband, James, Gracie gave her money to feed the baby. This story has been past down to us.
James having no desire to live, being depressed, and  very ill, died of overdose of pills, in his daugther's  basement apartment he was 87 years old.. His grandson, died from overdose, in the same, basement apartment 7 years later.  The death certicates do not state this.

James' sister died the following year.

Read about the Second wife Anna Schmid

Grace Ethel Huber Confirmed Apr 2 1928 age 15


James Mengel  had a total of three wives and four children


Links to sources or related info listed on this site

James Birth is record in Berks County Births as James Samuel Mengel 5/29/1904 12:00:00 AM Volume 2 Page Number  212 Line Number 15

May 29 1904 Born
Jan  22 1914
  Emma Keim Merkel  Obituary image  his grandmother                     Age   9
Dec 15 1920  Highway Robbery Case - James Mengle                                            Age 16
Mar  21 1921 Robbers Plead Guilty
- James Mengle                                                 Age 16
Jul      2 1922 Clara Amanda Merkel  Obituary  image    his mother                         Age 18
Dec       1924 married Anna Schmid her age 54 his                                                   Age 20
Aug 20  1929 Arline L Graul Obituary - step grandchild                                             Age 25
Sep       1932 married E. Grace Mengel her age 20 his                                             Age 28
Jan  29 1934 Thug Beats and Robs Man in Apartment House
- James Mengle     Age 30
Jul          1987 E. Grace Mengel Obituary his wife                                                       Age 83 
Nov        1991
James S. Mengel Obituary                                                                    Age 87

Apr    2 1928 Grace Ethel Huber Confirmed
Feb 22 1929 Albert A. Laser Obituary Her sister's husband

Jul 1987 E. Grace Mengel Obituary

Picture James and Grace and Violet Huber

James Mengel is mention in James K. Merkel Biography 1
James Mengel is mention in James K. Merkel Biography 2
James Mengel is mention in Merkle  Biography

Picture of the Mengel Clan


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1st Wife of James married unknown years marriage annulled. Married prior to 1924.

Samuel Mengel and Clara Merkel

Samuel Mengel
Clara Merkel

 < James
Mengel's Parents

Children >





< Unknown's Parents

Grandchildren >

A Daughter

Name unknown at this time


2nd Wife of James married  8 years Read about her first marriage

Samuel Mengel and Clara Merkel

Samuel Mengel
Clara Merkel


 < James
Mengel's Parents

Children >


< Anna Schmid Parents

Grandchildren >

No Children



3rd Wife of James

Samuel Mengel and Clara Merkel

Samuel Mengel
Clara Merkel

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Mengel's Parents

Children >


< Grace Huber's Parents


Grandchildren >

1 Step Grandchild

L. J.. Mengel

A. H. Mengel

S. A. Mengel

Harry   Huber
Catherine Engle

Lynne Iris Mengel
Feb 51955-
Feb 6 1955

G. S. Mengel

J. R. Mengel

M. A. Mengel

R. A. Mengel
R. A. Mengel

D. G. Mengel
D. G. Mengel

A. V. Mengel
. V. Mengel

E. M. Mengel
E. M. Mengel

C. Shiery

M. Shiery

A. Boyer

J. Boyer



Grace's Siblings

Unknown Huber

Lost before 1910

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Pauline  C. Huber
Mar 22 1902- Aug 1974

Earl L.Huber
6 May 2023 -
Nov 1972

Helen F. Huber
Aug 3 May 17 1904-
Oct 9 1997

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Violet Esther Huber
May 14 1906-
: Feb 28 1998


Lost before 1910

Thomas A.  Huber
Aug 21 1908-
Apr 1980

Howard H.  Huber
Oct 5 1910-
Dec 1984

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Ethel "Grace" Huber
Jun 29 1912 -
Jul 2 1987

No Picture

Harry G. Huber
abt 1913/14-
Mar 1914

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Filbert P. Huber
Nov 10 1915-
Mar 1980

No Picture

Joel Huber
May 1917-
Aug 1917



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