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James & Grace  Mengel

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Margaret's  Connors' Parents
Edward & Rose Connors

A. H.  Mengel

Born Private

A. H. Mengel and Margaret Connors
A. H. &  Margaret Mengel



Margaret Rose
" Margie"  Connors

Born Jun 7 1932
Ashland, Pa

Died May 20 1997
Reading Hospital, West Reading, Pa

Married Age 21  Died Age 64

  married July 24, 2022 Elkton Md                         Married 43 Years


Given Name
A. H.  Mengel


Hair Color: Private
Eye Color: Private
Cause of Death
: Living

Given Name
Margaret Connors

Margie, Marg

Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Cause of Death


A. H. Mengel &  Margaret Mengel
  had four children.

R. A. Mengel
Nine Years Old
R .A. Mengel

D. G. Mengel
  One year old
D. G. A. Mengel

A. V. Mengel
   Five years old
A. V.  Mengel

E. M. Mengel
Six years old
E. M. Mengel

A. H. and Margie Mengel had four children

1. R. M. Mengel

2. D. G. A. Mengel

3. A. V. Mengel

4. E. M. Mengel

Margaret's birth place, was not correct on her obituary. It was found out later, that she states her birth in Ashland, Pa.  Her birth year is 1932 not 33 as her obituary says. Her parents also, were living in Ashland at the time of her birth, not Girardville.

Joan Jordan Kinter and Margaret would call each other sisters. Joan Kinter started the research on the Carey's.   Margaret started this tree. This stie is, to continue her work, and dedicated to Margaret.

She touch many people in her life..

The St. Catherine of Sienna and St Joseph Church was full at her funeral. She is very missed by the ones who loved her.

May her brilliant star shine bright above us all ; her strength and her good example guide us all.

Margaret played five instrument. She loved to knit. She love to play Bingo and Cards. She was a very successful business woman.

She was raised in the coal regions. She lived as a child in Ashland, and Girardville. Her family all live close by,. She had two brothers. Her father was a coalminer and her mother a housewife.

She went to St. Joseph's High School. She was the Vala Victorian of her Class.
She went to St. Joseph's Nursing School also was Vala Victorian of her Class.
She had one of the Highest Grade ever on her State Board Test for Nursing.

She was a Democrat. Her faith she was a Roman Catholic.

She is buried at Fountain Springs Cemetery, Pa. next to her parents.

A. H. Mengel and Margie meet at a place called Pinkies, a soda shop. His Huber cousin used to go there and Margie knew his cousin. One day he came along with his cousin and his cousin introduce him to Margie. Margie was dating someone else at the time. He wanted to take her out and she didn't want to go. She was at Nursing school at the time. He just showed up at her dorm and she didn't want to go out with him but the dorm mother told her she should since he made the effort to come pick her up. She was not to happy about it.   The date didn't go to well. Margie was very quiet. A. H. Mengel wouldn't give up and eventually they started seeing each other.  A group use to go sledding down the Pagoda drive.  One day while sledding his cousin went down with Margie and A. H. Mengel was very upset, he was very jealous. His cousin and Margie never dated though. His cousin use to say the better man got the girl.  A. H.  Mengel would say, I have never looked at another woman since laying my eyes on her. The rest is history.

Margie's will is showing as filed on Berks County as follows
Exeter Township Margaret R Mengel    20/05/2023


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