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Edward Connor and Margaret Brown

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Rose Beatrice Carey's

Anthony J Carey and Brdiget Dean

Edward Richard " Tucker " Connors

Born: Dec 8 1901 in Ashland, Pa 

Died: May 14 1972 in Pottstown, , Pa
Married Age 21
Died Age 70 

Burial: Fountain Springs Cemetary

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Edward and Rose Connors



Rose Beatrice Carey

Born: Apr 25 1902 in  300 Railroad St Girardville, Pa 

Died: Sep 25 1973 in Pottstwon, Pa

Married Age 20
Died Age 71

Burial: Fountain Springs Cemetary

married  December 29, 1922  in Schuylkill County Pa                      Married   49 years


Given Name
Edward  Richard Connor


Height: abt 6'
Hair Color: Thick Wavy Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Illness:black lung
Cause of Death :

Given Name
Rose Beatrice Carey


Height: 5''2"
Hair Color: Thick Wavy Black
Eye Color: Blue
Cause of Death  Heart Attack


Edward and Rose Connors  had 4 children.


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Robert Joseph Connors
Apr 28 1924-
Nov 14 1984

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
William  Edward Connors
Sep 14 1926-
Apr 15 2003

Sarah Connors

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)

Margaret  Rose Connors

Jun 7 1932-
May 20 1997

Edward and Rose Connors Chldren

1. Robert Joseph Connors b: Apr 28 1924 d: Nov 14 1984 in Conyngham, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
2. Willaim Edward Connors b: Sep 14 1926 in Pa. d. Apr 15 2003
3. Sarah Connors b: bet 1928 to 1931 in Pa. d. same day as birth
4. Margaret Rose Connors b: Jun 7 1932 in Ashland, Pa d: May 20 1997 in West Reading Hospital, Reading, Pa.

Edward was a tall man of 6 feet . He had platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.Edward  was called Tucker. He was very intelligent and very handy with tools. Edward was a self taught man  He was a perfectionest. He said he became that way, working in the mines, if you make a mistake down in the mines,   it can cost you your life.   Tucker  was a coal miner.  He had black lung from the coal mines. He worked as a medic  in the mines also. . His father was in a wheelchair as a child and then died when he was around 9 . He then started working in the mines as slate boy.

Tucker and Rose met when Tucker was in a sledding accident. Roses' friend ask her  to go to visit a friend in the hospital. She then meet Edward. The rest is history. .

Tucker had a sister Margarent who is buried by his mother. Sarah is buried above  his  mother,  She died when she was 14 of a ear infection, she was his older sister. Tucker died after a 6 weeks of illiniss in the hosiptal on Mother's Day . His family was there visiting, his oldest grandson was with him in the room just prior to his death at the Reading Hosiptal.

Rose stood  5' 2' ..eyes of blue..with coal black hair.  She was 99 lbs when she got married. Rose started nursing school and didn't like it. She then went to a business school and graduated from McCanns. Rose's mother died when she was four years old. She was one of the younger ones in her family.  Rose was a great cook, she was musically incline and loved to dance and sing.
Rose and her sister Sarah would ask for money for bloomers(underwear) from their father. They would use the money to sneak out for a dance contest which had a small fee to join. Anthony use to tell Sarah and Rose , " You two girls sure, go though the bloomers?"    They snuck out one night and actually won the dancing contest.  When awaking the next day there father was very upset. They were in the morning paper for winning the contest. They got ground...He was not amused.

Rose and her sister Sarah Carey spent the summer in Atlantic City at a boardhouse and worked  as waitresses.

Edward had two left feet. He was on the quiet , serious side. Rose on the other hand.......was fool of laugh and fun.

The houses had coal shoots to the basements. Rose and Sarah would grab a small pig and threw it down the shoots of their Uncles house and laugh when they would hear the pig squeaking..when they were very little. This was the future priest house, Father Carey.  Rose would say, " who would have know, it was a priest house..I feel really bad now, but I was just a kid. Lord forgive me. the poor pig. "  She would be giggling and giggling about the pig when so told the story.

Rose was married one year when her sister Sal died whom she was very close. She took the death of her sister and her baby very hard. Her and Tucker were never separated though all there married. She had a hard time after her husband's death.

Rose had a very contagious laugh and once she started she couldn't stop. She would have you laughing so hard you would cry.

Rose became a great cook, but when she first was married and starting to learn she made some bisquets. They were hard as rocks..Edward and the guys had a great time that night. They had a toilet that was sitting waiting to be installed in the house. The men all had fun threwing the bisquets in the toilet to see who could get the most in. She had a hired housekeeper when growing up so she never learn how to cook. She finally got help from her   family to learn to cook and  she became a great one. She would have you in stetches when she told you this story, you would be laughing so hard.

Edward ( AKA Tucker  ) worked in the mines and he had a mule there that he names Rose. Sometimes he would say ,"Rose is very stubborn."  Rose would look up at Tucker and reply,  "Are you talking about me."  Tucker would reply, " No my mule Rose,  mules are stubborn."  but we all new he meant his wife. 

They moved around alot , from Ashland, New York to New Jersey , and also Girardville for awhile, not in any order here.



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A. Mengel
This picture of his gr-grandson
looks just like he did
Edward Connor
Margaret Brown

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Edward & Rose Connor

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Robert Joseph Connors
Apr 28 1924-
Nov 14 1984

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Edward Connors

Sep 14 1926-
Apr 15 2003

Sarah Connors

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Jun 7 1932-
May 20 1997

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Anthony J Carey and Brdiget Dean

P. Connors

A. Connors

K. Connors
 D. G. Mengel

D. G. Mengel
D. Connors
No Children


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 D. G. Mengel
R. A. Mengel

D. G. A. Mengel

A. V. Mengel
A. V. Mengel

E. M. Mengel
E. M. Mengel


1. Michael Carey       2.John Carey m   Mary Horswood     3. Mary Carey m John Grady
      4. Katie Carey m James Fullen        5. Nellie Carey  m Dom Monaghan  6. Anna Carey  m James Jordan
      7. Edward Carey  m  Mary Sweeney        8. Anthony Carey and Anna Sweeney        9. Michael  Carey m Margaret Scully    
10  Rose Carey m  Ed Connors        11. Sarah Carey        12. William Carey  m Ellen Devit m Grace Miller

Dec 1890-
abt 1904


Mary Bridgette Connors
Aug 11 1895

Martin Charles
Jun 14 1896 -
Sep 1970

Aug 8 1897

James L
Jul 30 1899-
Jul 1971

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Dec 8 1901-
May 14 1972

Kathryn Connor
Apr 1905-
Mar 27 1967

abt 1906

abt 1908

abt 1913


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