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Anthony J Carey & Bridget Dean

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Margaret M. Scully 's Parents
Michael Scully and Margaret Durkin

Michael J. Carey

Born: Sep 22 1900 Girardville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA

Died: July 27 1959

Married at Age 34
Died at Age 58

Burial Unknown

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Michael J. and Margaret Scully



Margaret M. Scully

Born: 1912

Died :

Married at Age 23

Died at Age

Burial Unknown

married:  Mar 4 1935 in Pa                          married  years


Given Name
Michael J. Carey

Mickey or M. J.

Height: Mediium
Weight Medium
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Blue
Cause of Death
: Heart Attack

Given Name
Margaret M. Scully 


Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death


Michael  and Margaret Carey
  had one  children.


No Picture

James Carey

Michael and Margaret had one known child.

1. James Carey not much is known on Jimmy at this time.

1930 Census shows Michael in Girardville
Dominick Monohan 39
Nellie Monohan 36
James Monohan 9
Michael Carey 29
William Carey 24

Michael was known as M. J. Carey. He was a child prodigy on the piano. He played in many bands. He played with the Dorsey Brothers. He had his own radio show. Tea for two was his theme song. He also made 78 Album.  Three Albums that we know of.

Michael Carey, a music professor who married Margaret M.Scully in Girardville. Michael went to NYC to play with the Dorsey Band, and was told he didn't care for the big city, moved back to Girardville, played at the Pottsville Club and McGraths Bar. There was another Scully who sang at the bar as well, along with Mickey Carey.

Quote from Mr. Noone

"My father (Anthony Carey Jr.) was very popular on New Years Eve because he had black hair and it was considered good luck to have a dark haired man be the first one into your home on the New Year; so, he had to make the rounds of the neighborhood.  He also had a wonderful Irish tenor voice so he was popular at weddings, etc.  We had an upright piano and sometimes the brothers would gather round.  Uncle Mickey would play the piano, and the rest of us would sing.  Dad being the tenor and Uncle Eddie was bass.  Uncle Mickey was tremendous on the piano.  We would put a tablecloth over the keyboard and he would play "Kitten on the Key" which is difficult under any circumstances.  He was extremely talented. "
Per S. A. Carey

Mickey Carey was a cousin to my dad and played the organ on a radio station in Pottsville and in the Circle bar also in Pottsville.. Dentist may have been a cousin. "

Quote per Jack Carey 2006 Grandson of Henry Carey and Sarah Dean, sister to Bridget   Dean Mickey's mother.

Mickey Carey is mention in the book
Tommy Dorsey: Livin' in a Great Big Way : a Biography by Peter J. Levinson - 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 354 pages
... woman owner of an amusement park, the West Side Park in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. ... by Mickey Carey of Girardville), and Don Neyer of Hazelton on drums. ...

on Page 12 it mention Mickey Carey replacing the piano player,

The story goes, he got so homesick on the road and quit the Dorsey Brothers to play locally.



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Anthony Carey's Bible Birth Recorded Shows Michael's Birth
Anthony Carey Bible Marriage Recorded Image Shows the Marriage Records of Michael.

Picture of the Mintrel's  Showing M.J.
Picture taken In Atlantic City, Showing M. J.
Mickey Carey Playing the organ
Picture Mickey Carey with dog
Picture of Mickey Carey when young

Mickey Carey's Obituary
Mickey Carey's Obituary Image

1910 Census Image  Showing  M. J. with parents
1910 MariIndex Showing M.J. living with parents
1920  Census Showing  M. J.
1930 Census Showing M. J.

Catherine Fullen Obituary
Sister of M. J.
Anthony J. Carey Obituary    His Father
Bridget Carey's Obituary His Mother

Post Card Picture of Girardville Estate Building

Descendant of Anthoney Carey and Bridget Dean
Descendants of Michael Scully and Catherine

Carey Photo Album


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Parents of Margaret M. Scully are Michael Scully and Margaret Durkin

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      7. Edward Carey  m  Mary Sweeney        8. Anthony Carey and Anna Sweeney        9. Michael  Carey m Margaret Scully    
10  Rose Carey m  Ed Connors        11. Sarah Carey        12. William Carey  m Ellen Devit m Grace Miller


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Sep 16 1861
-Jan 10 1928
Anthony J Carey & Bridget Dean
Sep 30 1867-Jun 15 1907

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No Picture

James Carey




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