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Descendants of John Murphy and Mary Dean   All

Descendants of John Murphy and Mary Dean by Children

Angel in the Clouds


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This Line is Confirmed.

1-John Murphy
b: abt 1808 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
sp: Mary Dean
b: abt 1810 in Co, Mayo, Ireland
m: abt 1830 in County Mayo, Ireland

          2-Bridget Murphy
          b: abt 1832

          2-Mary Murphy
          b: abt 1836
          sp: Abt. 1833 Gaughan
          b: Cloontakilla, Co. Mayo, Ireland
          m: abt 1860

          2-Patrick Murphy
          b: 1837 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
          sp: Catherine Murphy
          b: b: 1851 in Cloontakilla, Co. Mayo, Ireland
          m: abt 1871

                    3-John Murphy
                    b: abt 1872

                    3-Mary Murphy
                    b: 1875

                    3-Bridget Murphy
                    b: abt 1877

                    3-Peter Murphy
                    b: abt 1879

                    3-Patrick Murphy
                    b: 1880 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
                    d: Dec 1944 in Philadelphia, Pa

                    3-David Murphy
                    b: 1882 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
                    d: Dec 1944 in Philadelphia, Pa
                    sp: Mary O'Malley
                    b: 1884 in Mayo, Ireland
                    m: abt 1909 in Philadelphia, Pa

                              4-John Murphy
                              b: abt 1910
                              d: 1910 in Phila., PA

                              4-Joseph Murphy
                              b: 1912

                              4-Catherine Murphy
                              b: 1915

                              4-Catherine Murphy
                              b: 1915

                              4-Mary Murphy
                              b: 1917

                              4-David Murphy
                              b: 1918

                              4-Anna Murphy
                              b: 1920

                              4-Margaret Murphy
                              b: 1922 in Phila., PA
                              sp: Francis Malloy
                              b: abt 1920
                              m: Jan 2 1943

                              4-Sarah "Sadie" Murphy
                              b: 1924

                    3-Michael Murphy
                    b: 1882

                    3-Anthony Murphy
                    b: 1886

                    3-Denis Murphy
                    b: 1889

                    3-Catherine Murphy
                    b: 1891 in Ireland
                    sp: John Gallagher
                    b: 1889 in Ireland

                              4-John Gallagher
                              b: 1927 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              sp: Rosemarie
                              b: 1932
                              d: 1955

                              4-Catherine Gallagher
                              b: 1926 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              sp: Patrick Gilroy
                              b: abt 1924
                              d: 1954

                              4-Mary Gallagher
                              b: 1929 in Philadelphia, Pa

                    3-James Murphy
                    b: 1893

          2-Catherine "Kitty" Murphy
          b: 1838 in Co. Mayo Ireland
          d: aft 1911 in Cloontakilla, Co. Mayo, Ireland
          sp: Denis David Murphy
          b: 1836 in Cloontakilla, Co. Mayo, Ireland
          m: abt 1856 in Bangor Erris, County Mayo, Ireland
          d: bef 1911 in Ireland

                    3-Denis Murphy
                    b: 1857

                    3-John Murphy
                    b: 1861

                    3-Martin Murphy
                    b: abt 1863

                    3-Mary Murphy
                    b: 1866 in Bangor Erris, County Mayo, Ireland
                    sp: John Carey       See Descendants of Patrick Carey
                    b: abt 1860 in Mayo, , Ireland
                    m: abt 1899 in County Mayo, Ireland

                              4-Bridget Carey
                              b: 1900

                              4-John Carey
                              b: abt 1902

                              4-Dennis Carey
                              b: abt 1904

                              4-Patrick Carey
                              b: 1906 in Belmullet, Mayo, Ireland
                              d: 1980 in Brooklyn, NY
                              sp: Helen
                              b: abt 1907
                              m: abt 1935
                              d: 1984 in Brooklyn, NY

                              4-William Carey
                              b: abt 1908

                    3-Bridget Agnes Murphy
                    b: May 23 1871 in Bangor Erris, County Mayo,
                    d: Jan 25 1948 in Westville Grove, Deptford Twp, NJ
                    sp: Patrick Joseph Carey
                    b: May 12 1874 in Minooka, PA
                    m: 1908 in Philadelphia, Pa
                    d: May 12 1933 in Philadelphia, PA (Naval Home)

                              4-Mary Catherine Carey
                              b: Oct 18 1908 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              d: Oct 7 1971 in Woodbury, NJ
                              sp: Francis Leon Asay
                              b: Sep 21 1908 in Toms River, NJ
                              m: 1926 in Elkton, Md
                              d: Aug 3 1997 in Deptford, NJ

                              4-John Joseph Carey
                              b: Jul 1 1910 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              d: Jun 26 1997 in Deptford, NJ
                              sp: Margaret Goldy
                              b: Nov 26 1916 in Philadelphia,
                              m: Jul 26 1941 in St. Anne's Rectory) Westville, NJ
                              d: Feb 28 1998 in West Deptford, NJ

                              4-Dennis David Carey
                              b: Feb 21 1912 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              d: Aug 15 1971 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              sp: Mary Catherine Theresa Gallagher
                              b: Oct 2 1921 in Phila, PA
                              d: 1946 in Philadelphia, Pa

                              4-Winifred Agnes Carey
                              b: Mar 21 1914 in Philadelphia, Pa
                              d: May 23 2007 in Stratford, Camden Co., NJ
                              sp: William James Kennedy
                              b: Jul 18 1911 in Camden, NJ
                              m: 1937
                              d: Apr 12 1980 in Glen Oaks, Glouc. Twp, NJ

                    3-Michael Murphy
                    b: Feb 17 1873

                    3-Anthony Murphy
                    b: Aug 19 1878 in Mayo, Ireland
                    sp: Kitty Dean
                    b: abt 1880
                    m: abt 1905

                              4-Michael Murphy
                              b: abt 1906

                              4-John Murphy
                              b: abt 1908

                              4-Anthony Murphy
                              b: abt 1910

                              4-William Murphy
                              b: abt 1913

                              4-Francis Murphy
                              b: abt 1915

                              4-Ann Murphy
                              b: abt 1918

                              4-Margot Murphy
                              b: abt 1920

                              4-Lilley Murphy
                              b: abt 1922

                              4-Katy Mae Murphy
                              b: abt 1924

          2-Baub Murphy
          b: abt 1840

          2-Anthony Murphy
          b: abt 1844

          2-Sabina Murphy
          b: abt 1847

          2-Michael Murphy
          b: abt 1850 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
          d: abt 1881 in Co. Mayo,
          sp: Mary Boylan
          b: 1855 in Co. Mayo, Ireland
          m: abt 1877

                    3-John Murphy
                    b: abt 1878

                    3-Mary Murphy
                    b: 1880 in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland
                    d: 1981 in Westville Grove, Glouc. Co., NJ

                    3-Catherine Murphy
                    b: 1881

This line has not been connect yet.

Cloontakilla, County Mayo, Ireland, is about a mile at the most from Attawally, County Mayo, Ireland or also spelt Attawalla.

Trudy documented this linage from an original relative who lived to be 101.
Old Aunt Mamie-Mary Murphy (Cloontakilla, County Mayo) b. 1880 d. 1981 (NJ) to parents Michael Murphy and Mary Boylan

This line has not been connect yet. Possiblities, Mary Dean sister of Catherine Deane or Aunt, cousin. John Murphy also,who was on the baptism certifcate of her child. Many possiblity with the Dean/e or Dane lines.

Trudy Carey O'Hare has done the research on this line. Please contact her at [email protected]

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