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Birth Records

Onstie Birth Records

Berks County Birth Search

1870 Deane Mahony City Image

1870 Deane Mahony City

1865 Birth Carey Deane British Isles

1870 Birth Carey Deane British

1878 Birth Carey Deane British Isles

I1878 Birth Carey Deane British Isles

Irish Church Records Showing Anthony J. Carey's and his sisters
Many Deane's and Carey's Also on this list.

Offsite Birth Records

Reading Birth Search


Biographies on this site.
James K. Merkel Biography 1
James K. Merkel Biography 2
Schuman Family
Devitt Histoy


On this Site
Irish Census 1901 off site. This is a wonderful site for looking up ancestors or cousin in Ireland. The LEITRIM-ROSCOMMON
1901 Census
Census 1850
Census 1860
Census 1870
Census 1880
Census 1890
Census 1900
Census 1901 Irish
Census 1910
Census 1920
Census 1930
British Isles 1865
1865 Birth Carey Deane British Isles
All Carey's in 1880 Census in Schuykill County, Pa
All Carey's in 1870 Census in Schuykill County, Pa
All Carey's in 1860 Census in Schuylkill County, PA
All Carey's in 1850 Census in Schuylkill, PA
All Carey's in 1840 Census in Schuylkill, PA
Deanes of Schuylkill, PA on the 1880 Census
Outside Links
Online Census Images for all states
Index of /pub/usgenweb/pa/berks/census

Church Records

Church Record Page
Irish Church Records Baptisms from 1860- 1870 in County Mayo for Carey Family only on this site 

Marriage Records

Marriage Records Links on and off site
Carey Marriage Records Sckyulkill Connty, Pa only
Deane  or Deane Marriage Records Sckuylkill County, Pa Only


Military on this site.

Newspapers on this site
 Newspaper Page on this site
 Splinters 1898 on this site
 Splinters 1899 on this site
 Pottsville Republic early 1900 on this site
 Miners Journal mid 1800 on this site
Splinters 1897 on this site   
E Devitt Article
Mickey Carey's Funeral & J.Whalen Playing Piano
Mayo Clan Reunion in 1981 For the Dean /  Deane of Lost Crek, Pa from Mayo County, Ireland


Obituary Page on this site

Social Security Numbers

Family Search Finding Social Security Numbers and info (outside link)
Social Sercurity Records on this site about this family tree and related family
Social Security Calculator Find out what state they were born
SecuritySocial Security Death Index Interactive Search on


Mengel Wills on this site
Nara National Archives

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1995 – present

Wars/ International Relations

Civil War
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Cold War
Diplomatic Records

Genealogy/ Personal History

Military Personnel
Prisoners of War   


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