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Mickey Carey Playing the Organ.

Roxy Movie Theater, Ashland, Pa
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Mickey Carey Playing the Organ.

Wow, you can almost see his fingers moving........

This picture has been enhanced by the webmaster.

Anyone know where he was playing in the picture????

Thank You,  R. Bartholomew for sending this picture.

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Saint James Church Girardville, Pa
Postcard of Lakeside Park  Mahoney City, Pa
Old Postcard The Girard Estate Builing , Girardville, Pa
Coal Breaker Girardville, Pa
Mickey Carey playing the Organ
Girardville, Pa Year 1940
Coalbreaker Between Shennadoah and Mahoney City
Second Street, Girardville, Pa
Centre Street, Ashland, Pa
Anthony Carey at Cress Store in Girardville Pa Enhanced
Eastern section, Mahanoy City Pa
Main Street, Girardville, Pa Year 1982
Girardville Colliery, Girardville, Pa 1863
Lost Creek, Pa - John Murphy's Home
Home of the Molly Maguire's , Girardville, Pa
Orphanage in Girardville, Pa
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Shenandoah
Roxy Movie Theater, Ashland, Pa
Catholic School, Mahanoy City Pa

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