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You can't talk about the Coal Regions in Pa without talking about the Molly Maguires
We all heard the stories that have been past down.

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Site on information on the Molly's

The Molly Maguires: Labor Heroes or Ethnic Terrorists?
by Michael Pollock

A.O.H., Molly Maguires, & the Catholic Church
and other organizations.
Article  is further down the page

Excerpt from Labor’s Untold Story
printed here by permission of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

Molly MacGuires in Pennsylvania Coal Regions
By Joseph H. Bloom

Molly Maguires  By:Dugas

The MOLLY MAGUIRES (1860-1879)
From The  Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide (2003) on Molly Maguire Show several views from different sources. Must see.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH)

The Old Jail -The Handprint    Campbell's handprint. He admitted being there when Jones was killed but didn't pull the trigger. They hanged and innocent man.


All Carey's in 1840 Census in Schuylkill, PA           All Carey's in 1850 Census in Schuylkill, PA   
All Carey's in 1860 Census in Schuylkill  PA       All Carey's in 1870 Census in Schuykill  Pa  

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