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All kinds of fun and interesting things for your genealogy
or just for plain fun..

Naming Customs
State Trivia
Player Piano
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Holidays in Coal Region
Molly Maguires
Birthday Calculator
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Day Born - What day was it. Find out what day you or your ancestor was born. Cute little calculator does it for you.. Was it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs....

S. S. What State  If you know the Social Security Number you maybe able to find out what state they were born in. This great little calculator will find out what state for you.

Naming Custiom Patterns - Helps you find out the names of the parents or grandparents. Some ot the customs are very very old, others are new.

State Trivia    Displays trivia facts about any of the 50 states when selected from the pulldown menu. Facts include state capital, date admitted into the union, state flower, and state bird

Games - There is always games around with the Mengels
Here are a few of the classic games to enjoy.

Alcohol Test - See if you are drunk. This is for fun. You should be able to this, If you are sober.

TypeWriter - This page you will not need to type the letters in, you just use a mouse and can copy and paste the text where ever you want

Player Piano -  Listen to Music while you see the Piano Playing

Random Thoughts - Did you just ever wonder why?

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