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chip.jpg (38146 bytes) Did you guess the two Cousin's ?

Here is a hint....The woman with all the they're not the webmaster and  the mother of the kids in the picture below.. This was taken 6 months after the fourth child was born...

The men are the Chippendales. not cousins...


Did you guess it yet?
They are desendant of this family tree.
One is in the picture below with her cousin.

KIDS.jpg (180588 bytes)
party.jpg (159905 bytes)

Maybe this might help. See any resemblance.

Me today with my youngest Daughter.  The mother and sister of one in the picture below..

783126029_l.jpg (33146 bytes)
This picture was just recently taken.

Well, did you guess the two on the right.

The one on the left is my first cousin's daughter, on the Mengel / Huber side,
The one in the middle is my daugher.

The first two are second cousins.

Hope you are enjoying the site.

The webmaster.

If you have any pictures or anything to add please

[email protected]

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