George Reinztel's Parents
Daniel Reintzel and
Mary Elizabeth Seifert

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Louisa  or Lowisa Grath's Parents

George Reinztel or Reinsel

Born 1817
Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Died Mar 31 1881
Straustown Berks Co. Pa

Married Age 25
Died Age 64

Burial: Unknown

No Picture

George and Louisa Reintzel



Louisa  or Lowisa  Grath

Born  Jan 27 1819

Died  Sep 10 1867

Married Age 23
Died Age 48

Burial: Unknown
married 1842 in St. Mary's, Lebanon, Pa        Married  25  years

Given Name
George Reinztel or Reinsel


Hair Color:
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death : unknown

Given Name
Louisa  or Lowisa Grath


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Cause of Death 


George and Louisa Reinztel had 3 known children.


No Picture

William Reinztel
Sep 12 1843 -  Aug 21 1896

No Picture

Emma Elizabeth Reinztel
Sep 8 1845 - Jul 31 1914

No Picture

George Reinztel
Jul 5 1849 - Jan 5 1922

George and Louisa had three known children

1. William Reinztel Born Sep 12 1843 Died  Aug 21 1896
2. Emma Elizabeth Reinztel  Born Sep 8 1845 Died Jul 31 1914
3. George Reinztel  Born Jul 5 1849 Died Jan 5 1922

Elizabeth died when she was only 48 years old. Her youngest was 16 years old. 
His wife died in 1867. three years later on the 1870 Census shows Emma and George living with thier brother William and wife.   Where is George??? at this time.  Could he be at the State Lunatic Hospital as it shows in census of 1880

Upper Bern, Berks, PA
William Reinsel  abt 1844 Pennsylvania White Male
Fietta Reinsel  abt 1841 Pennsylvania White Female
Charles Reinsel abt 1868 Pennsylvania White Male
Sallie Reinsel  abt 1869 Pennsylvania White Female
Emma Reinsel  abt 1846 Pennsylvania White Female
George Reinsel  abt 1849 Pennsylvania White Male

Shows George in State Lunatic Hospital

1880 Census
George REINSEL Household

Other Information:
Birth Year <1815>
Birthplace PA
Age 65
Occupation Farmer
Marital Status S <Single>
Race W <White>
Head of Household John W. CURWIN
Relation Other
Father's Birthplace PA
Mother's Birthplace PA

Source Information:
Census Place State Lunatic Hospital, Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Family History Library Film 1255124
NA Film Number T9-1124
Page Number 145B


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Their Grandson and  wife Samuel Mengel and Clara Merkel
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You are here George Reinztel and Loisa Grath
   Parents of George Reinztel
Parents of Louisa Grath

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Daniel Reintzel and
Mary Elizabeth Seifert

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Children >

George and Lousia Reintzel

<Louisa Grath's Parents

Grandchildren >

William Reinztel
Sep 12 1843 -  Aug 21 1896

Emma Elizabeth Reinztel
Sep 8 1845 - Jul 31 1914

George Reinztel
Jul 5 1849 - Jan 5 1922


Charle Reinsel
Jul 11 1868-
Aug 8 1923

Sallie Reinsel
Feb 9 1870-
May 13 1961

William Reinsel
Apr 21 1871-
Oct 2 1927

Samuel Reinsel
Nov 3 1872-
Oct 6 1952

Hannah Reinsel
Nov 10 1874-
Feb 25 1948

Emma Reinsel
Oct 13 1877-

George Reinsel
Nov 28 1879-
Aug 7 1931

Anna Louisa Mengel
Dec 19 1870-
Jan 29 1871

Charles Jacob Mengel
Sep 13 1873-
Mar 17 1877

David Mengel
Apr 2 1876-
May 20 1969

Samuel Mengel
Jan 1880-
Jun 30 1960

Kate Mengel
Jan 1883

 Katie Reinztel
Dec 13 1872-
Apr 29 1955

Newton Reinztel
Nov 8 1875-1940

Fannie Rebecca Reinztel
Sep 24 1877-
Dec 6 1887

Jacob Reinztel

George Reinztel
Oct 14 1881-
Jul 5 1963

Lewis D.Reinztel
May 2 1886-Feb 1977

Bessie E Reinztel
Apr 17 1951


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