James L. or S. Mengel's Parents
Charles J. . Mengel and Maria Ann Saeger

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Emma Elizabeth  Reintzel's Parents
George Reintzel and Louisa

James L. or S. Mengel  or Mengle

Born: Nov 1850 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa

Died Dec 21 1935 Reading, Berks Pa

Married at Age 22
Died at Age 79

Burial Unknown

No Picture


James L. &  Emma Mengel



Emma Elizabeth  Reintzel 

Born: Sep 8 1845 Pa.

Died : Jul 31 1914

Married Age 26
Died Age 68

Burial Saint Michael's Cemetery, Tilden Township,

married Aug 31 1872 in Schuylkill County Pa           Married 32 years


Given Name
James L. or S Mengel  or Mengle


Hair Color:unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death
: unknown

Given Name
Emma Elizabeth  Reintzel


Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death


James L    & Emma Mengel
  had five known children.

Anna Louisa Mengel 
Dec 19 1870 
- Apr 4 1877
Charles Jacob Mengel
Sep 13 1873
-Mar 17 1877
David Reinsel Mengel
Apr 2 1876
-May 20 1969

Samuel Reinsel Mengel
Jan 1 1880
-Jun 30 1960

Katie Reinsel Mengel  
Jan 1883

James' mother died shortly after he was born. his father remarried   and she died  before he was even two years old. His father married his second wife sister and was raised by her and they   had 14 children, only 4 surived by 1900, whom were James' half sisters.

Emma came from a family of three children. She had two brothers. She was the middle child.

James and Emma  Mengel had five known children.

1  .Anna Louisa Mengel  b: Dec 19 1870 . d: Apr 4 1877
2   Charles Jacob Mengel b: Sep 13 1873 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa 
d: Mar 17 1877 3 Died Age 3  See his
David Reinsel Mengel  b. Apr 2 1876 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa d May 20 1969
4.  Samuel
Reinsel Mengel b Jan 1 1880 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa d Jun 30 1960 Muhlenberg Township Berks County, Pa
5.  Katie Reinsel Mengel  b. Jan 1883 d. unknown was married to Elmer M Zimmerman

Emma parents were Catholic. James were Lutheran.

It is interesting to note there marriage was a year and half after there first child was born. Perhaps this is a marriage in a Lutheran Church. They may have been two marriages and were married before by the state or another church.

Emma is almost five years older then James.

Anna Louisa was named after her mother and his mother (Anna a version of Hannah ), Charles Jacob was named after his father and grandfather, ( James is another version of Jacob ) David was named after his brother that died.

They lost Charles Jacob when he was 3 years old to scarlet fever, in Mar 1877, a month later their older daugther died, it is not known at this time, what the cause, of her death was.  David would have been a year old at this time, Samuel and Katie were not born yet. Truly a major hardship for any family.

James is listed  as a Labor on the Census. in 1880 only Emma his wife and David and Samuel are listed at this time. .They are living in Upper Bern, Berks, Pennsylvania   In the 1900 Census they are living in Tilden, Berks, Pennsylvania he is working as a farmer. Samuel is working as a farm help and Katie is still at home.In the 1910 Census James is listed as a carpenter doing odd jobs. His initials on this census is James S. Mengle.

James name is shown as James L. Mengel or James S. Mengel.  His middle initial would have been L. , but he sometimes used his mothers maiden name of S.  perhaps since their was more then one James at the time, it was used for less confusion.

James was raised on a farm or grillmill. He must not have shown interest in farming but became a carpenter. Many building and bridges were built by him in the area. He became the roadmaster of Tilden Township before working for the Railroad as a carpenter. The farm he was raised on past down to his half sister.

They were members of St. Michael's church.
Check out  Baptism Records for three of their children. James middle initial is L. and S. and thiese children, Anna, Charles, and David are listed. David's child as well is on this list.
Baptism's at St. Michael's Church
Emma E. Mengel is bury at
Saint Michael's Cemetery, Tilden Township
Berks County
Pennsylvania, USA
Plot: new cemetery

Her tombstone reads
Emma E Reintzel Mengel
Birth: Sep. 8, 1845
Death: Jul. 31, 1914

James then remarried a Malinda R Graul in Mar. Application date of Mar 13, 1917. He is living in a rented house in the City at the time. He was 66 years old and she was  58 years old.

From Mabel Mengel's recollection all her grandparents were very sweet loving grandparents. She remember her stepgrandmom and the family as very sweet and loving .

He and his wife show up in the 1930 Census living with his wife's daughter and her husband.


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James and Emma Census Records
Census 1860
Chas Mengle 26 Farmer, Emeline Mengle 22, James Mengle 8, Adaline Mengle 29 (Living with stepmother and father)
Census 1870
Jacob Mengel 63 Bella Mengel 26 Cecillia Mengel 18 Caroline Mengel 36 Lydia Mengel 5 (granddaugther) James Mengel 20 (grandson) James Kauffman 12
Census 1880 
James L. Mengle 29 Labor, Emma Mengle 34 David Mengle 4 Samuel Mengle 5M
Census 1900  James Mengle 49. Laborer,Emma Mengle  50, Samuel Mengle  20, Kate Mengle  17
Census 1910
Census 1920

Census 1860 Image  Greenwich, Berks, Pennsylvania - Klinesville
Census 1870 Image Rehrersburg, Upper Bern, Berks, Pennsylvania
Census 1880 Image
Tilden, Berks, Pennsylvania Laborer
Census 1900 Image Tilden, Berks, Pennsylvania with Samuel Owned 92 acres of farm land was a farmer

1910 Census  Tilden, Berks, Pennsylvania doing carpenter listed as odd jobs. It shows he has been out of work and also renting his property.
1920 Census
Reading Ward 6, Berks, Pennsylvania working as a carpenter at the railroad house


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1st Wife of James was Emma  married 32  years

Charles J. . Mengel
Maria Ann Saeger

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Anna Louisa Mengel 

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Charles Jacob Mengel

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David Reinsel Mengel 

Samuel Reinsel Reintzel

Katie Reinsel Mengel

George Reinzel
Louisa Lowisa Grath

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Emma Susanna Mengel

Laura May Mengel

Bessie Mazie Mengel

Unknown Mengel

David Mengel

Mabel Mengel
Mabel Floranda Mengel

James Samuel Mengel
James Samuel. Mengel

Emma Mary Zimmerman

Unknown Zimmerman


2nd Wife of James was Malinda   Graul married 12 years.

Charles J. . Mengel
Maria Ann Saeger

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