Samuel Reinsel  Mengel's Parents
James L. Mengle   Emma Reinztel

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Clara Amanda Merkel Parents
James and Emma Merkel

Samuel Reinsel Mengel  or Mengle

Born: Jan 1,2023
in Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa

Died: Jun 30 1960 in Muhlenberg Township Berks County, Pa

Died at Age 80 Married at Age 20

Burial Unknown

Samuel Mengel
Samuel &  Clara Mengel



Clara Amanda Merkel 

Born: : Nov 1881

Died:   Jul 2 1922

Died at Age 41
Married Age 18

Burial Unknown

married February 10,2023 in Berne,Berks,Pennsylvania           Married 34 years


Given Name
Samuel Reinsel Mengel

Height: 5" 3'
Weight 220
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion Ruddy
Cause of Death
: unknown

Given Name
Clara Amanda Merkel 


Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death cancer


Samuel Mengel & Clara Mengel
  had two known children.

Mabel  F. Mengel
Mabel Floranda Mengel

James Samuel Mengel
James Samuel. Mengel


Samuel worked for the Reading Railroad as a Electrical Engineer. He was a very refined man. He spoke Pa Dutch or High German and English.  He came from a small family at that time of only a brother and a sister. Samuel was the middle child.

Clara came from a large family. Her father had 14 children. Clara was an excellent sewer and wonderful cook.  She died of cancer. She made all of her daughters clothes.

Note there was three deaths in little over a year in this family.

Clara Merkel was not on the Census in 1880 yet. So was born in 1880 or after. Clara was listed with her father in the 1900 Census.

Samuel was listed as 5 months on the 1880 Census.   Samuel's birthday would have been Jan  1880. It also is listed in 1900 Census as Jan.

They lived in near Hamburg and moved down to Reading.

Samuel was a Republican. He was a Lutheran.

Samuel was widowed at age 55 and remarried Sarah L. Blatt. at age 56 or 57 in Schuylkill County, Pa.  Daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Reber ) Blatt, born in 1895 and died in 1983. .

No children were born to this union. Sarah had a child that Samuel helped raise since age 6.

Read about Sarah and Samuel

Sarah's Mengel   Obituary


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1880 Census

James L. Mengle 29 ,Labor : Emma Mengle 34 ,David Mengle 4,Samuel Mengle 5M
1900 U.S. Census
James S Mengle 49 ,Labor, Emma Mengle 50, Children 5 , Children Living 3 ,Married 30 years, Samuel Mengle 20 ,Kate Mengle 17 Farmer, Owns Property
1910 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census

1880 Census Image Upper Bern, Tilden Township, Pa
1900 Census Image Tilden, Berks, Pennsylvania
1910 Census  Image
1920 Census Image
1930 Census Image

Samuel and Clara Mengel's
Marriage Application
Samuel and Clara Mengel's Marriage Date

Clara Amanda Merkel  Obituary image  Jul 2 1922

James S. Mengel Obituary their son
James S or L Mengel Obituary his father

Emma Keim Merkel  Obituary image  her mother Jan 22 1914

James and Clara Mengel is mention in Merkle  Biography
James and Clara Mengel is mention in James K. Merkel Biography 1
James and Clara Mengel is mention in James K. Merkel Biography 2

Photo of Arthur Anspach, Mabel Mengel Anspach, Lilly Merkel and Samuel Mengel

Picture of the Mengel Clan


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James  K. Merkel and Emma Keim

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1st Wife of Samuel was Clara married 34  years

James L. Mengel
Emma Reintzel

Mengel's Parents

Children >




< Clara Merkel 's Parents


Mabel Mengel

Mabel Floranda Mengel

James Samuel Mengel

James Samuel. Mengel

James K Merkel
Emma Keim

No Children

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L. J Mengel

A. H. Mengel

S. A. Mengel


2nd Wife of Samuel was Sarah  married 27 years.

James L. Mengel
Emma Reintzel

Mengel's Parents

Children >


  Separate link on this union
< Sarah L Blatt 's Parents


No Children

Step Daughter


Nathaniel Blatt
Mary Reber

No Children

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