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Jacob Mengel  and Hannah Lesher

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Maria Ann Saeger Parents

Charles James Mengel

Born Apr 9 1827

Died  Oct 17 1894

Married Age 23
Died Age 67

Burial: Unknown

No Picture

Charles &  Maria  Mengel



Maria Ann Saeger

Born Jun 12 1828

Died :Dec 14 1850

Married Age 21
Died Age 22

Burial: Unknown

Apr 16 1850 in Schuylkill County Pa                      Married eight months


Given Name
Charles  Mengel

Chas , Mengle

Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death
: unknown

Given Name
Maria Ann Saeger


Height: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death  unknown


Charles Mengel &  Maria Mengel
  had one child.

No Picture

James L. Mengel

Charles and Maria Mengel had one child.
Charles birth and death dates  may not be correct.

James L. Mengel  
Born    Mar 21 1850 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa
Died    Dec 11 1929 Hamburg, Tilden Township, Berks County, Pa

Charles then married Catherine Hamm , daughter of Johannes Hamm and Esther Wanamaker Hamm, .on May 29 1852.

Catherine  Hamm
Born.Apr 27 1834  Died Aug 27 1853 
Age at married was 18 years old. Charles was 25 years old.

They were married. one year and Catherine Died.

They had one child Sarah her Birth and Death unknown.

He then married Catherine's younger sister Emmeline Hamm in 1855 she was born in 1837.
He was 26 and she was 20 when they married.

They had 14 children.

1.   Adeline Mengle    Died after 1935
2    Noah Mengle Died bef 1900
3    Ellen Mengle
4    Regina Mengle Born Jul 22 1863  Died Feb 23 1942 Ashfield, Pa
5    Emma Mengle Born  May 6 1868  Died Nov 20 1942
6    Ida Mengle Born 1870  Died bef 1900
7    Elmira (Ella) Mengle Born 1871
8    Martha J. Mengle Born 1880  Died bef 1900
9    Unknown  Died bef 1900
10  Unknown  Died bef 1900
11  Unknown  Died bef 1900
12  Unknown  Died bef 1900
13  Unknown  Died bef 1900
14  Unknown  Died bef 1900

Note it is interesting to note the dates Questions arise like Is James Birthday correct ?  Is Charles Marriage Date correct?   If they are correct.Charles and Maria  were married after James was born.    This is taken off the Brobst Family Tree line, perhaps more needs to be confirmed.  on the Census for 1850 it shows Charles married within the year.

Charles and Emmiline both could read and write. In the 1850 Census he is living with his father.

In the 1860 Census Charles and Emmeline have James  8 years old, from his previous marriage and Adeline who is only two.

In the 1870 Census. Charles and Emmeline have 3 daugthers and James is living with his grandfather.

In the 1880 Census Adeline is out of the house, and so is James, they have 5 daugthers living with them.
This would make a total of 6 daughter and one son.

In the 1900 Census they only have a farm helper and their granddaugther living with them. It states Emmeline only had 4 children living. James was not Emmeline's. so the remaining daugthers living would be the ones on James S Mengel obituary, which were Adeline, Ellen, Regina, and Emma.

Lived in Summit Hill, Carbon Co., PA where he operated a gristmill.

In 1900 there was only four of Emmiline Children Living.
Charles occupation is showing as a miller and a farmer.
It is most likely he only  spoke German.

Charles had sixteen children, only 5 living at the time of his death. Eleven children dying in his live time.

From the Brost Family Tree.

"James and Regina inherited the "Brobst Farm" from her father, Charles James Mengel who
bought it in 1871 from Elias George. It is located near Lehighton, in East Penn Twp,
Carbon Cty, PA, two miles west of the Lehigh River along Route 895, and consists of 20 acres -- five acres north of the highway and 15 acres south of the highway. The land was originally deeded by William Penn to John Rhoads on Aug 11 1750.

In 1942, Robert Brobst retained the property after the death of his mother, Regina.
Sadie Kressley, a niece of Robert Brobst, was raised on the farm by her grandmother,
Regina. Sadie lived on the farm until her death in 1981. Upon her death, the farm,
household goods, and personal belongings were sold at a public sale. The farm now
belongs to Ralph and Marge Cunfer; Ralph is Sadie's cousin, his mother Mary
(Brobst) Cunfer was Robert's sister

To put it simple Charles bought the farm, it past to his daugther Regina , then her son Robert Brobst  ( Grandson of Charles) had the farm, and now Ralph Cunfer (great grandson of Charles) is the present owner. It is not know if it is still owned by the family in present day


Charles Mengel Property on Map Showing him as Miller


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Census 1850 Charles Living with Parents
Jacob Mengle 43 Farmer, Hannah   41, Chs  21 Occupation Miller, Maria 18, Caroline 16 , David 13 , Isaac 9 , Isabella 7, Jacob 4, Elamanda 1
Census 1860
Chas Mengle 26 Farmer, Emeline Mengle 22, James Mengle 8, Adaline Mengle 2
Census 1870
Charles Mengel 41 Miller, Emeline 34, Adaline 12, Rechina 7, Emma 2 (son James living with grandfather Jacob)
Census 1880
Charles Mengle 52 Miller, Emalina 43, Regina 16, Emma 12, Ida 10, Elmira 9 Martha J. 3m
Census 1900
Charles Mengel 71 Farmer, Emaline Mengel 65, Bessie Brobst 11 (granddaugther), Edwin Lower 52 Farm Laborer

Census 1850 Upper Bern, Berks, Pennsylvania
Census 1860  Greenwich, Berks, Pennsylvania - Klinesville
Census 1870  East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania - Lehighton
Census 1880
East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania
Census 1900
East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania

Charles Mengel Property on Map Showing him as Miller

Charles mention in son James Obituary

Is this our Charles Obituary . Charles dates may not be  correct.

Charles Jacob Obituary  His Grandson


The Mengel Family Tree

My line
My Great Great Great Grandparents
I am the
Great Great Great Grandson or Granddaughter.
Their  Great-Great-Grandson and wife 
A. H. Mengel and Margaret R. Connors
Their  Great-Grandson and wife James S. Mengel and E. Grace Huber
Their Grandson and wife  Samuel Mengel and Clara A. Merkel
Son and  wife James L. Mengel and Maria Saeger  
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Charles J. Mengel and Maria Saeger
   Parents of Charles James Mengel   Jacob Mengel and Hanna Lesher  
Parents of Maria Ann Saeger  
  Parents of
Emmeline  Hamm are  Johannes Hamm & Esther Wanamaker
Parents  of
Catherine  Hamm are  Johannes Hamm & Esther Wanamaker

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1st Wife of Charles was Maria Ann Saeger married   8 months..

Jacob R Mengel
and Hannah Lesher


< Charles J.
Mengle's Parents


Charles and Maria Mengle

< Maria Saeger's Parents

Grandchildren >

No Picture

James L.  Mengel

 Anna Louisa Mengel

David Reinsel or E. Mengel

Samuel Reinsel. Mengel

Kate Reinsel Mengel


2nd Wife of Charles  was Catherine Hamm   married  less then two  years.
Charles was 25 years old Catherine  was 18 years old when they got married.

< Charles J.
Mengle's Parents


Charles and Catherine  Mengle

< Catherine  Hamm's Parents

Grandchildren >

Sarah Mengle




3rd Wife of Charles  was Emmeline  Hamm He married at 26 years old and she was 20 years old. Married in 1855.
Emmeline is three years young then her sister, Charles second wife.

< Charles J.
Mengle's Parents

Children >

Charles and Emmeline  Mengle

< Emmeline  Hamm's Parents

Grandchildren >

Adeline Mengle

Noah Mengle

Ellen Mengle

Regina Mengle

Emma Mengle

Ida Mengle

Elmira (Ella) Mengle
Sep 29 1868-
Jan 1951

Martha J. Mengle








John Weyhenmeyer

Charles Weyhenmeyer

Edward Weyhenmeyer

Lance Weyhenmeyer

Laud Weyhenmeyer

" Howard " Weyhenmeyer



Charles Henry Brobst
Robert James Brobst

Sarah Catherine Brobst

Bessie Emeline Brobst

Ida May Brobst

William Franklin Brobst

Agnes Savannah Brobst

Dora Elmira Brobst

Mary Adeline Brobst

Ralph Albert Brobst

Evelyn Regina

Unknown Neifert

David Neifert

Harry Franklin Neifert

Charles S Neifert

Elizabeth Neifert

Grant Neifert

James Moses Neifert

Anna A Neifert

Howard Neifert


Sallie Yeakley
Aug 12 1886-
Mar 30 1951

Anna Fietta Yearkley
Jan 8 1888-
Feb 24 1974

George Washingtion Yearkley
Sep 7 1889-
Dec 5 1976

William Yeakley
Aug 1891

James Yeakley
Jul 1893

Edwin P Yearkley
Sep 1895

John Adam Yearkley
Aug 13 1897-
Oct 1891

Ella E Yearkley


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