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Henry Huber and Pauline Grouper

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Catherine Eliza Engle's

Richard A. Engle and Esther Holll

Harry George  Huber

Born: April 11 1879

Died: Jul 11 1941

Married Age 20
Died Age 62

Burial: Jul 14 1941
Aulenbach's Cemetary
Reading, Pa

Harry G. and Katie  Huber



Catherine Eliza Engle

Born:  Feb 26 1883

Died: Jul 1917

Married Age 16
Died Age  34

Burial: Jul 28 1917
Aulbenbach's Cemetery
Reading, Pa

Married  on or Dec 27 1900  Berks County ,Pa          Married  16 years


Given Name
Henry George Huber


Height: abt 6' 4"
Weight over 300 lbs.
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Cause of Death
: unknown

Given Name
Catherine Eliza Engle


Hair Color:
Eye Color: unknown
Cause of Death  unknown


Harry and Kate Huber  had 12 children.


No Picture


Lost Child before 1910

HUBERPAUL.JPG (4354 bytes)

Pauline  C. Huber

Mar 22 1902-
Aug 1974


Earl L.Huber
May 6 1903 -
Nov 1972

Helen F. Huber
May 17 1904-
Oct 9 1997


Violet Esther Huber
May 14 1906-
: Feb 28 1998


Thomas A. Huber
Aug 21 1908-
Apr 1980

 No Picture


Lost Chld
before 1910



Howard H. Huber
Oct 5 1910-
Dec 1984

HUBERGRACE.JPG(4354 bytes)

Ethel "Grace" Huber
Jun 29 1912 -
Jul 2 1987

 No Picture

Harry G. Huber

Infant died Mar 1914

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)

Filbert  Peter.Huber
Nov 10 1915-
Mar 1980

No Picture

Joel Huber
May 1917-
Aug 1917

Children of Harry and Katie Huber

1 unknown lost child before 1910

2 Pauline  C. Huber b: Mar 22 1902 d: Aug 1974

3 Earl  L. Huber b: May 6 1903 d: Nov 1972

Helen F. Huber b: May 17 1904 d Oct 9 1997

Violet E. Huber b: May 14 1906 d: Feb 28 1998

6 Thomas A.  Huber b: Aug 21 1908 d: Apr 1980

7 unknown lost child before 1910

Howard H. Huber b: Oct 5 1910 d: Dec 1984

Ethel "Grace" Huber b: Jun 29 1912 in Reading Pa  d: Jul 2 1987 in Wyomissing, pa

10. Harry G. Huber b. unknown d. Mar 1914 in infancy
11. Filbert P. Huber b: Nov 10 1915 d: Mar 1980

12 Joel Huber b: May 1917 d; Aug 1917

Harry's name was Henry on the 1880 Census with his parents.

Harry was Head of Detectives in Reading, Pa. He was a big man. He was widowed at a young age with small children. His parents were from Germany. 

Catherine lived all her live in Berks County, Pa. She died at a very young age.  She is not living when Harry register for World War I draft card in 1917.

On the 1917 Draft Card he is living at 313 Locust St. Reading, Pa.

They also are shown living at 313 Locust St. Reading, Pa in the 1910 Census. It also shows they have been married 9 years and had 7 children 5 living. They lost two children before 1910

The first daughter most likely was named after her mother's sister
Helen Margurite birh Jan 5 1897 died Jul 18 1897 whom would have been only several years younger then her daughter.

Harry's Will was filed in Reading Berks County
Harry G.Huber  11/07/1941  Reading City

The children inherited an  inhertance in 1928 form there Aunt and Uncle Holl.

Their marriage application, shows a different age.  * Reasons unknown.

They are both buried at Aulenbach Cemetery. List as
402 E2 Catherine E. Huber  1883    Buried Jul 28 1917
402 E2 Harry G. Huber          1879     Buried Jul 14 1941
409 E1  Joel Huber                              Buried Aug 14 1917 their 3 month old son.
409 E 2 Lynne Iris         Feb 5 1955 Feb 6 1955 1 day old.
406 South E William G Huber    1872    Buried Nov 4 1916 His brother

Marriage Application
Engle Kate 01/01/2023 25 41
Huber Harry 01/01/2023 25 41

Joel the last son was born in May 1917, Kate the mother died at the end of July 1917, and the son Joel died in Aug, it is not known at this time the cause of their deaths.

Special thanks to O. Huber for the photo's above.


Links to sources or related info listed on this site

Harry Huber's Wedding Application
Seems there age does not match with other sources. *

Harry Huber and Kate Engles Wedding Dec 28 1900

Peter S Holl and Ester A. Holl Estate Notice
The children inherit from great uncle and aunt

Feb 22 1929 Albert A. Laser Obituary

Henry Huber Bios His Father

Census 1880 Harry Huber ( name shown as Henry )

Census 1910 Harry Huber
Census 1920 Harry Huber
Census 1930 Harry Huber

Harry George Huber World War I Draft Card
Harry George Huber Obituary
Harry George Huber Obituary image
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Huber Photo Album


Mengel Family Tree

My line
My Great Grand Parents
I am the
Great Granddaughter  or Great Grandson 
Their Grandson and Husband 
A. H. Mengel and Margaret R. Connors
daughter and  wife James S. Mengel and Ethel Grace Huber
Your are here Harry George Huber and Catherine Eliza Engle
   Parents of Harry George Huber are Henry Huber and Pauline Grouper/Gromper
Parents of Catherine Elzia Engle are Richard A. Engle and  Ester ( Hettie ) Holl

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Henry Carl Huber and Pauline Grouper

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Harry & Catherine Huber

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Unknown Huber

Lost before 1910

Pauline  C. Huber
Mar 22 1902- Aug 1974

Earl L.Huber
6 May 2023 -
Nov 1972

Helen F. Huber
May 17 1904-
Oct 9 1997

Violet Esther Huber
May 14 1906-
: Feb 28 1998


Lost before 1910

Thomas A.  Huber
Aug 21 1908-
Apr 1980

Howard H.  Huber
Oct 5 1910-
Dec 1984

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Ethel "Grace" Huber
Jun 29 1912 -
Jul 2 1987

No Picture

Harry G Huber
abt 1913/14 Died Mar 1914

in infancy

CONNORSED.JPG (4354 bytes)
Filbert P. Huber
Nov 10 1915-
Mar 1980

No Picture

Joel Huber
May 1917-
Aug 1917

Richard A. Engle and Esther Holl

BLeaf1.gif (5284 bytes)

Lawence Haag
6 Oct 1929-
13 Apr 2023

Thomas Haag

Harry Huber
25 Mar 2023 -
5 Jan 2023

Jacky Huber
abt 1925-bef 1930

G. Huber

Helen F Kuhns
Apr 22 1923-
Jul 30 1925

G. Kuhns

Filbert Roy  Laser
Oct 19 1928-
Mar 9 1985

A. Potteiger

L. A. Potteiger

S. Potteiger

BLeaf1.gif (5284 bytes)
Natalie Ann Huber
Apr 18 1932-
Jun 1986
D. Huber

L.  J.. Mengel

A. H. Mengel

S. A. Mengel

BLeaf1.gif (5284 bytes)  O. Huber

Jeffrey Craig Huber
Apr 1 1950-
Apr 3 2001
BLeaf1.gif (5284 bytes)




Harry Huber's Siblings

Emma  M. Huber 1871
-bef 1935

Harry George Huber
Apr 11 1879-
Jul 11 1944
age 65
William   G. Huber
Mar 1882
-Oct 30 1916
age 34


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