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Biographies are a wonderful resource for the history of you family.

Here are a few that I have found alone the way.

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Evan P. Christ mentions a Mrs. Frank MENGEL

Devitt History - History of the Devitt Family by Robert A. Noon.

Donat Biography - About the Donat Family Abraham Merkel was married to Susanna Donat.

Schuman Family Mentions James K. Merkel - Sarah Schuman was his first wife.

Thomas J. Edwards father of Polly, the wife of Harry Mengel of Mahanoy City; Richard, motorman between Mahanoy City and Shenandoah

Henry Huber

PATRICK KEARNEY Floyd's Northumberland County PATRICK KEARNEY, one of the oldest residents of Shamokin, was born March 15, 1828, in County Mayo, Ireland, son of Patrick and Bridget (Carey) Kearney, farming people of that county. The father lived and died there. His children were: Mathew, who died in Shamokin, Pa.; Mary, wife of John Devitt; Patrick; John, who died young, in Ireland; Catherine, wife of Patrick Carey; Bridget, who died young, in Ireland; and Belinda
John Keim was born in Oley Township, July 6th, 1749. When quite young he accompanied his father, Nicholas Keim, to Reading  Photo Maria Keim first cousin married to Nicholas Mengel.

Letter about Keim Family    This letter is about the Keim family writing by J. J. Keim. It goes back to the origin of the  Keims in 1020 A.D. Also the Keims in United States.

Letters about Keims

John Keim

H. J. Kelly

Abraham Merkel Biography 1

Abraham Merkel Biography 2

Abraham Donat Merkel Biography 1

James K. Merkel Biograpy 1

James K. Merkel Biograpy 2

Merkles All about the Merkels or Merkel Family

Jean Georges Merckel Biographjy This is translated to English The orignal file Jean Georges Merckel Biographjy - This is in French. PFD File

David Mengle

Ephraim Mengel

Isaac R. Mengel., was born about 1820, in Lancaster county, Penn. He left home with his brother, Levi B., April 17, 1838, and arrived at Springfield, Ill.,

J Hain Mengel

Martin Mengel

Melanchton Mengel

Ralph Mengel

Solomon Mengel

Patrick Monaghan

Noon History

Sweeney Devitt History Part 1

Sweeney Devitt History Part2

Patrick Francis Sweeney

George Troutman

Troutman Hotel

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John C. K. Balthaser Biograpy
Evan P. Christ
Devitt history
Devitt history Page 2
Donat Biography
Thomas J. Edwards
Henry Huber Biography
Patrick Kearney (Carey)
John Keim
H. Kelly
Letter about Keims
David G. Mengle Biograpy
Ephraim Mengel Biograpy
Isaac R Mengel
J Hain Mengel Biograpy
Martin Mengel Biograpy
Melanchton Mengel Biograpy
Ralph Mengel Biograpy
Solomon Mengel Biograpy
Abraham Donat Merkel Biography
Abraham Merkel Biograpy
Abraham Merkel Biograpy 2
James K. Merkel Biography 1
James K. Merkel Biography 2
Jean George Merckel
Patrick Monaghan Biography
Noon history
Schuman Biography
Schuman Family
Sweeney - Devitt history
Sweeney - Devitt history Page 2
Patrick Francis Sweeney
George Troutman
Locus Mountain Hotel or Troutman Hotel
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