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Guardian Angel of our Family Line
Writes  our history  for all time.
Watch down upon our Family Tree,
That every one can enjoy and see.
For each leaf that falls down to the ground , appears a  bright star then makes no sound..........................
To all the stars looking down on me.
Bless us and our family.

written by Debbie McDermott. Jan 2007.Do not use without permission

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To all the  leaves 
that landed on 
the ground
and became
the stars that
twinkle down..

           Brown            Carey   Connors            Dean     Deane      Donat          Echramann      Engle           Holl    Holtzhauser      Hoenen    Huber  Hughes              Keim    Kreisher   Kroninger          Mengel     Merkel   Mosser         Rahn   Riegel    Reintzel          Saeger    Sayler   Saylor   Seifert   Setti   Strasser      Strausser                           Werner   Wild           angel.gif (11536 bytes)

For the
tiniest bright star  but not forgotten

Lynn Mengel

For the glimming star
who shines his light down on us.
You are remembered always

Mathew Shiery

                                                    Blessed is Mathew Shirery

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Dedicated To

The Brights Star in the sky

May her light shine
as bright as the sun was
the day she became a star.

Margaret Rose Mengel

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For the Star that makes us smile

William Edward Connors


For the Star that shines strong

Robert Joseph Connors

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