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Descendants of Michael Scully and Catherine All

Descendants of Michael Scully and Catherine by Children

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Meaning of the name Scully
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic � Scolaidhe
‘descendant of the scholar’, from scolaidhe ‘scholar’.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Michael Scully
Catherine ?. Census 1880
Born 1825.

    Children of Michael Scully and Catherine ? are:
    1. Michael Scully Born. 1851, Mass.; Died 1916.
        Occupation: Roman Catholic Priest

    2. John Scully
         Born 1852, Mass.; Died 1899.
         married Catherine Brazill,
         daughter of Michael Brazill and Mary Horan. She was born 1858, and died 1899.

                 Children of John Scully and Catherine Brazill are:
                 1. Girl Scully
                 2. Girl Scully
                 3. Michael Scully
                     Born. 1879; Died 1950. 
                     married Margaret H. Barrett,
                     daughter of Patrick Barrett and Margaret McCoy. She was born 1879, and died 1911.

                            Children of Michael Scully and Margaret Barrett are:
                             1. John Joseph Scully  Born 11 Sep 1906, Philadelphia, Philadephia, Pa.;
                                 Died. Aug 1968.  He married Mary Ann E. Burns 03 May 1932, daughter of
                                 Thomas Burns and Magdalena Spaeder. She was born 30 May 2023 in
                                 Ashland, Schuylkill, Pa., and died 06 Dec 1993.

                                             Children of John Scully and Mary Burns are:
                                              1. Margaret Louise Scully,  Born 1934.
                                              2. Mary M. Scully  Born 1943; m. James Freed, 1980; Born 1942.
                                              3. Thomas M. Scully  Born 1937; m. (1) Ruth Ackers 1958; Born 1939;
                                              m. (2) Caroline Huffman Ferry, 2001.
                                              4. Eileen Agnes Scully m. Daniel Weikel, 1969.

                             2  Helen Scully
                             3. Patrick G. Scully Born Apr 1909; Died. 05 Oct 1998. 
                                 married Emma Houston.
                                 She was born 13 Jul 1913, and died Jul 1974 in Philadelphia, Pa.

                                             Children of Patrick Scully and Emma Houston are:
                                              1. Patricia Agnes Scully Born 1937; m. William McMonagle.
                                              2. Elizabeth Scully
                                              3. Maureen Scully
                                              4. Kathleen Scully

                 4. John Scully, Born 1882.
                 5. Mary Scully Born 1884; Died. 1945; m. John F. Barrett.
                 6. Joseph Scully Born 1886; Died 1920.
                 7. Agnes Scully Born 1888; Died 1932.
                 8. Albert Scully Born 1892; Died 1956.
                 9. Willie Scully Born 1897.

    3. Thomas Scully Born Dec 1853, Boston, Mass..
         married Elizabeth Finnegan,
         daughter of John Finnegan and Bridget Eagen.

                 Children of Thomas Scully and Elizabeth Finnegan are:
                 1. Kate Scully Born Jun 1877.
                 2. Marie Scully Born 1879.
                 3. Michael Scully Born 1880.
                     married Margaret Durkin, daughter of Thomas Durkin and Margaret ?. She was born 1883.

                             Children of Michael Scully and Margaret Durkin are:
                             1.Thomas J. Scully Born 1906.  He married Margaret Wagner.

                                          Children of Thomas Scully and Margaret Wagner are:
                                          1. Thomas Scully ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                               Born 23 Jun 1922, and Died 8 Oct 1991.
                                               He married Miriam Joyce, daughter of John Joyce and Irene Burke.
                                               She died 02 Aug 1968 in Ashland, Pa.
                                               More About Miriam Joyce: newspaper.gif (2403 bytes)
                                               Residence: 35 S. 11th Street, Ashland, Pa

                                                       Child of Thomas Scully and Miriam Joyce is:
                                                       1. Thomas Scully Born 1957.

                                          2. Mary M. Scully   ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                              Born 02 Feb 1931, Girardville, Pa; Died 25 Jun 2005, Shenandoah, Pa.
                                              More About Mary M. Scully:
                                              Burial: 30 Jun 2005, St. Josepks Cemetery (Girardville), Fountain Springs, Pa
                                              Residence: 34 W. Main Street, Girardville, Pa
                                          3. James Scully
                                          4. Joseph Scully

                             2. Margaret M. Scully Born 1912.
                                 married Michael J. Carey 04 Mar 1935, son of Anthony Carey and Bridget Deane.
                                 He was born 22 Sep 1900.

                                          Child of Margaret Scully and Michael Carey is:
                                          1. James  Carey

                             3 Helen Scully Born 1917.


                 4. Caecilia Scully Born 1881.
                 5.   John Scully Born 1883
                      married Mary Dalton
                            Catherine M. Scully          
                 6. Gertrude Scully Born Nov 1886.
Thomas A. Scully Born Jan 1889; Died 1959.  He married (1) Annetta O'Donnell.                   
                      She was born 1896, and died 1934. He married (2) Margaret Schappee.

                             Children of Thomas Scully and Annetta O'Donnell are:
                             1. Thomas Scully ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                  Born 23 Jun 1922 ; Died 8 Oct 1991.
                             2. Annetta Patricia Scully Born 1926; m. Edward Martin Bradshaw.
                             3. Robert J. Scully Born 19 Apr 1927; Died. Feb 2005, Girardville, Pa.
                                 He married Agatha Landers, daughter of James Landers and Mary Otterbein.
                                  She was born 03 Oct 1925, and died Sep 2002 in Girardville, Pa.
                                 More About Robert J. Scully:
                                 Burial: St. Joseph's (Girardville) Cemetery, Fountain Springs, Pa
                                 More About Agatha Landers:
                                 Burial: St John the Baptist Cemetery, Pottsville, Pa

                                               Children of Robert Scully and Agatha Landers are:
                                              1. Annetta Scully m. Edward Whitecavage.
                                              2. Margaret Scully m. Frank Dziczek.
                                              3. Roberta Scully m. Dennis Moyer.

Donald Scully   ALeaf2.gif (4162 bytes)

                             Second Marriage

                            Child of Thomas Scully and Margaret Schappee is:

                             5. Margaret Scully m. James Rebuck.
                             6. Elizabeth A. Scully
                                 married Joseph Vivaqua, son of Salvator Vivaqua and Victoria Carado.
                                 He was born 1931 in Girardville, Pa, and died 10 Jul 2022 in Ashland, Pa.
                                 More About Elizabeth A. Scully:
                                 Nickname: Bette
                                 More About Joseph Vivaqua:
                                 Burial: St. Joseph's (Girardville), Fountain Springs, Pa
                                 Residence: 2007, 726 Brock Street, Ashland, Pa

                                             Child of Elizabeth Scully and Joseph Vivaqua is:
                                             1. Joseph Vivaqua, m. Debra ?.

                            7. Helen Scully m. Robert O. Mitten.

                             8. John L. Scully  
                            Born 5 Sep 1936 ; Died 27 Feb 1997 . ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                            More About John L. Scully:
                            Burial: 1997, St. Joseph's (Ashland) Cemetery, Fountain Springs
                            Church: St. Mauritius RC Church, Ashland, Pa
                            Nickname: Butch
                            Occupation: Dietery Dept, Ashland State Hospital, Ashland, Pa

                           9. William Scully

                 8. Lawerence Scully  Born Oct 1892.
                 9. Joseph A. Scully  Born 1894.  He married Regina A. Baumgardner,
                     daughter of John Baumgardner and Bridget Brennan. She was born 1897.

                             Children of Joseph Scully and Regina Baumgardner are:
                             1. Edmund Scully   Possible ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                 Born 1916.

                                         Child of Edmund Scully is:
                                         1. Paula Scully

                             2. Joseph Scully Possible ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                  Born 1919.

               10. Helen Scully Born Nov 1897.
               11. Marie Scully Born 1900.
               12. William Scully ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                      Born 13 Sep 1902.    Died Jul 1984

    4. Ann Scully Born 1854, Mass..

    5. Cecilia Scully Census 1880
        Born 1856 Pa.

    6. William Scully Census 1880
        Born 1857 Pa.

    7. Martin Scully  Census 1880
        Born 1861 Pa.

    8. Joseph Scully Census 1880
         Born 1862 Pa.
         He married Ellen Cannon.

                 Child of Joseph Scully and Ellen Cannon is:
                 1. Kathryn M. Scully 
                     married Joseph Daniel Hartenstein, son of John Hartenstein and Annie ?.
                     He was born 29 Mar 2023 in Ashland, Pa.
                     More About Joseph Daniel Hartenstein:
                     Employer: 1917, Thomas Pepper and Sons, Ashland, Pa
                     Residence: 1920, 1534 Spruce Street, Ashaland, Pa

                                 Children of Kathryn Scully and Joseph Hartenstein are:
                                 1. Ann M. Hartenstein newspaper.gif (2403 bytes)  ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                     Born 11 Apr 1926, Ashland, Pa;  Died 05 Oct 2005, Fountain Springs, Pa.
                                     married Richard S. Enterline. newspaper.gif (2403 bytes)  ssn.gif (5522 bytes)
                                     He was born 28 Sep 1921, and died 12 Jan 2023 in Ashland, Pa.
                                     Occupation: Attorney at Law

                                                 Children of Ann Hartenstein and Richard Enterline are:
                                                  1. Deborah Enterline.
                                                  2. Joann Enterline, m. Frank C. Woodward.
                                                  3. Richard Enterline.

                                 2. William Hartenstein.
                                 3. Josephine Hartenstein m. Raymond John Bosche.

    9. Patrick Scully Census 1880
        Born 1865 Pa.


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