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Descendants of Martin Gownley and Ann Cooney  All

Descendants of Martin Gownley and Ann Conney by Children

Angel in the Clouds


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"Martin came from Ireland with the family name of "Mc Gowen" and changed it after marriage and having children"
quote from F. Gownely, Great Granson

Surnames on this list

Barisonek  Carey   Casseri   Chadbourne  Chapman  Cooney   Collins  Dellock Eye  Ferrari  Finn   Hinderlitter  Kerber Kerrigan Latsko  Lieberman  Longo  Mardi Maurer  McAndrew  McCormack   McDonald  McGill  Monahan   Murphy  Staskel  Sweeney   Troutman  Vanek  Williams  Wood

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1-Martin Gownley
b: 1864 in Killalie, [parish], [county], Ireland
Ann Cooney
b: 1870 in Ireland
m: Oct 2 1889 in St Mary Magdaline, Lost Creek, Pennsylvania, USA
d: Apr 20 1938 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA

          2-Martin Gownley
          b: May 18 1890 in Pennsylvania
          sp:  Bridget M
                     3.Anne Theresa "Anna" Gownley
                     sp: James M. Murphy

          2-James Joseph Gownley
          b: Feb 2 1894 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
          d: Jun 28 1968
Mary M Carey
          Descendant of Michael Carey and Catherine Deane John R. Carey's Daugther
          b: Sep 9 1894 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
          m: Oct 23 1918
          d: Jan 1981

                     3-Jimmy "Rock " Gownley
                     sp: Anna Mae McAndrew

                    3-Jack " Jackie" John R. Gownley

                    3-Anthony " Tony" Gownley
                    b.Jul 16 1923
                    d.Mar 1986
                    sp:Elizabeth McDonald
                    m: 1947
                    3-Francis Desales Gownley
                    b.abt 1920
                    d.Jun 18 1953  Norristown, PA
                    killed in car accident
                    sp:J. M. Collins

                               4 F. D. Gownley
                               sp:K. A. Hinderlitter

                               4 C. F. Gownley
                               sp: H. A. Kerrigan

                               4  M. F. Gownley

                               4  C. A. Gownley

                    3-Joseph " Pebbles " Gownley

                    3-Terrence " Teddy" Gownley

                     3-Robert James Gownley
                     b: Jul 11 1933
                     d: Jan 29 2007
                     sp: Elizabeth A. Chapman

                               4-Thomas J. Gownley

                               4-Maureen J Gownley
                               sp: Michael Barisonek

                               4-Bridget Ann Gownley
                               sp: Charles Chadbourne

          2-Anthony Gownley
Census 1900 1910  1920  1930
          b: Aug 16 1896
          sp. Helen. M. Eye
Census 1900 1910  1920  1930

          2-Kathleen Gownley
          b: abt 1904 in Pennsylvania
          sp. Harry L. Williams

                    3.  Thomas Williams

                    3.  Henry Williams

                    3.  Nancy Williams
                    sp: Larry Lango

                              4. M. Longo

                              4. T. Longo

                              4. J. Longo

                    3.  Williams

          2-Terrence Francis Gownley
          b: Sep 5 1905 Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
          d: Jul 17 1970  Pottsville, Schuylkill County, PA USA
Catherine Josephine Carey
          Descendant of Michael Dean and Mary
          Daughter of Sarah Dean, Sister  Bridget Dean who married Anthony Carey
          Descendants of Michael Carey and Catherine Deane
          b: Oct 20 1911 Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
          d: Jun 28 1997 Morristown, Morris, New Jersey, USA

                    3-T Gownley

                    3-S. A.  Gownley
                    sp: T. M. Wood

                              4 Girl Wood

                              4 Girl Wood

                              4 Girl Wood

                              4 Girl Wood

                    3-C. A.  Gownley
                    sp: R. R. Staskel

                              4  Boy Staskel

                              4  Boy Staskel

                              4  Boy Staskel

                              4  Boy Staskel

          2-Helen "Nellie" Gownley
          b.abt 1907  Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
          d.abt 1962  Ashland, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
          sp: James Cyril Monahan
          b. abt 1925  Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
          d. abt 1975  Giradville, , Schuylkill, Pennsylvania

                    3-Thomas J. Monahan
                    b: Nov 3 1926 in Connorton
                    sp: Mary K McCormack
                    m: Oct 25 1952

                              4-Maureen F. Monahan
                              sp: Troutman

                              4-Ann M. Monahan
                              sp: Lieberman

                              4-Patricia F. Monahan
                              sp: Kerber

                               4-Mark M Monahan

                                         5-Michael Mark Monahan
                                         d: 1989

                                4-Sean T Monahan

                    3-Joanne Monahan
                    sp: Sweeney

                    3-Anne Monahan
                    sp: Dellock

                    3-Mary Monahan
                    sp: Maurer

                    3-William M Monahan
                    b: abt 1933
                    sp: Rose Marie Casseri

                              4-Melissa Monahan

                              4-Michelle Monahan
                              sp: Mardi
          2-Joseph Gownley  ALeaf2.gif (4162 bytes)
          b: abt 1908 in Pennsylvania
          2-Tom Gownley ALeaf2.gif (4162 bytes)
          b: abt 1911 in Pennsylvania

          2-Michael Francis Gownley
          b: Nov 6 1913 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA
          d: Aug 9 1988 in Girardville, [county], Pennsylvania, USA
          sp: Regina Ann Finn

                    3-R. Gownley
                    sp: R. J. Ferrari

                              4-Son Ferrari

                              4-Son Ferrari

                              4-Daughter Ferrari

                              4-Son Ferrari

                    3-Son Gownley

                    3-M. L.  Gownley
                    sp: E. P. Latsko

                              4-P. A. Gownley
                              sp: M. J. Vanek

                                        5-Daughter Vanek

                                        5-Son Vanek
                    3-Mary Francis Gownley ALeaf2.gif (4162 bytes)
                    b: 1939 in Girardville, [county], Pennsylvania, USA
                    d: 1939 in Girardville, [county], Pennsylvania, USA

Anyone having information on this line please email

Alice D. McLaughlin Fidorowicz Obituary not connected yet. Was married to a John R. Gownley and had son James Gownley

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