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Descendants of Andrew Dean and Catherine Rowan  All

Descendants of Andrew Deane by Children

Angel in the Clouds


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1-Andrew Deane
b: 1819 in Ireland
d: Jun 1 1905
sp: Catherine Rowan
b: 1832 in County Mayo, Ireland
d: 1930 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

          2-Patrick Dean
          b: 1858 in County Mayo, Ireland
          d: 1930 in Northumberland Co.Pennsylvania
          sp: Julia Condern
          b: 1863 in Pennsylvania
          d: 1935 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

                    3-Andrew Dean Twin
                    b: Dec 27 1889 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: 1960
                    sp: Margaret Burns
                    b: 1900
                    d: 1925

                              4-Andrew Dean Dane
                              b: 1924
                              d: 1943

                              4-Thomas Aloyaius Dean Dane
                              b: Jul 16 1925
                              d: 1995
                              sp: M.Therese Yost
                              b: Sep 26 1929
                              d: 1986

                                        5-Female Dean
                                        sp: Alfred J. Fisher

                                        5-Female Dane
                                        sp: Male Lonsdale

                                                       6-Female Lonsdale

                                        5-Male Dane Dean
                                        sp: Joan Clifton

                                                       6-Male Dane Dean

                                                       6-Female Dane Dean

                                        5-Female Dean
                                        sp: Hampton Jack

                                                       6-Male Jack

                    3-Edward Dean
                    b: Dec 27 1889 in Shamokin Pennsylvania
                    d: 1959
                    sp: Lillian Reeder
                    b: 1893
                    d: 1921

                              4-William Dean Dane
                              b: 1920
                              sp: Margaret

                                        5-Francis Dean Dane

                                        5-Joseph Dean Dane

                                        5-Margaret Dean Dane

                                        5-Nicholas Dean Dane

                              4-Joseph Dean Dane
                              b: 1921

                    3-Catherine Dean
                    b: Aug 1891 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania

                    3-Mary Salome Dean
                    b: Dec 25 1892 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: Sep 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                    sp: William Boyd Fisher
                    b: Apr 24 1890 in Shamokin Pennsylvania
                    d: 1947 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

                              4-William Bartholomew Fisher
                              b: Mar 18 1920 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
                              d: Jul 1976 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
                              sp: Dolores Marie Ebenfuhrer
                              b: 25 May1923 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

                                        5-Male Fisher
                                        sp: Timanus

                                                       6-Female Fisher

                                        5-Female Fisher

                                        5-Female Fisher

                              4-Robert Joseph Fisher
                              b: 1923 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
                              d: Oct 1968 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
                              sp: Gallagher

                                        5-Female Fisher
                                        sp: Dugas

                                                       6-Male Dugas

                                                       6-Male Dugas

                                        5-Female Fisher
                                        sp: Mercurio

                                                       6-Male Mercurio

                                                       6-Female Mercurio

                                        5-Female Fisher
                                        sp: Bugbee

                                                       6-Female Bugbee

                                                       6-Female Bugbee
                                                       sp: Plaster

                                        5-Male Fisher
                                        sp: Muldoon
                                        sp: Mykietiuck

                                                       6-Female Fisher

                                                       6-Male Fisher

                              4-Mary ( Molly) Fisher
                              b: May 30 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                              d: Jan 2 1987 in Denver, Colorado
                              sp: Warren A. Proud
                              b: Apr 1 1917 in Paterson,NJ

                                        5-Male Proud
                                        sp: unknown

                                                       6-Boy Proud

                                                       6-Girl Proud
                                                       sp: unknonw

                                        5-Female Proud
                                        sp: Williams

                                                       6-Male Williams

                                        5-Male Proud

                                        5-Male Proud

                              4-Kathyrn Fisher
                              b: abt 1927 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                              sp: Robert Moore

                                        5-Female Moore
                                        sp: George William Schneider

                                                       6-Male Schneider
                                                       sp: Gretchen Brewer

                                                                 7-Male Schneider

                                                       6-Female Schneider

                                                       6-Male Schneider

                    3-Annie Dean
                    b: Apr 1894 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania

                    3-William Dean
                    b: Jan 1897 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: 1970

                    3-Bartholomew Dean
                    b: Apr 9 1900 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: 1970

          2-William Deane
          b: 1860 in Ireland

          2-Bridget Dean
          b: 1862 in Ireland
          d: 1930 in Pennsylvania
          sp: Michael J. McBride
          b: May 22 1859 in Ireland
          d: Jul 17 1919 in Bridgeport, CT

                    3-James McBride
                    b: Feb 1883 in Paterson, NJ
                    d: 1866

                    3-Andrew McBride
                    b: 1884
                    d: 1897

                    3-Mary Elizabeth McBride
                    b: 1887
                    d: 1925
                    sp: Frank Garfield Roth
                    b: Nov 2 1880 in Shamokin, Coal Township, Northumberland, PA

                    3-Kathryn M. McBride
                    b: Jan 29 1889
                    d: Apr 29 1970 in Berks Heim Hospital, Bern Township, Berks County, PA
                    sp: Meryl L. Vought
                    b: 1888
                    sp: Walter C Roth
                    b: Jun 1883

                    3-Sarah Madglen McBride
                    b: Apr 9 1892 in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA
                    d: Feb 7 1948 in Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA
                    sp: James Ignatius McCormick
                    b: Dec 16 1891 in Bear Valley, PA
                    d: Aug 6 1974 in Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA

                              4-Michael Joseph McCormick
                              b: May 31 1922
                              d: Dec 25 1966

                              4-John Ignatius McCormick
                              b: Sep 1 1923 in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA
                              d: Dec 25 1978 in Shamokin State General Hospital, Shamokin, Northumberland, PA

                              4-Mary McCormick
                              b: Died at birth

                              4-Mary McCormick
                              b: Jan 3 1927
                              sp: Walnock

                              4-Catherine Marie McCormick
                              b: Sep 17 1930 in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA
                              d: Jun 6 1986 in Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA
                              sp: Yurick




                              sp: Wolfe

                    3-William Francis McBride
                    b: 1894
                    d: 1945

                    3-Charles E. McBride
                    b: 1896
                    d: 1956

                    3-Andrew J. McBride
                    b: 1898
                    d: 1951
                    sp: Mary P. Dormer

                    3-Bartholomew V. McBride
                    b: Oct 31 1900 in Shamokin, Coal Township, Northumberland, PA
                    d: 1979 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States of America
                    sp: Elizabeth R. Miller
                    b: Jun 20 1901
                    d: 1988

          2-William Dean
          b: abt 1863
          d: 1916

          2-Catherine Anne Dean
          b: 1868 in Ireland

          2-Bartley Dean
          b: 1869 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
          d: 1930
          sp: Ellen
          b: May 1874
          d: 1922

                    3-Catherine Dean
                    b: Sep 1895 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: 1966

                    3-Andrew B Dean
                    b: Oct 1897 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania
                    d: 1969

                    3-John Dean
                    b: Sep 1899 in Shamokin, Pennsylvania

                    3-Mary Dean
                    b: 1905
                    d: Shamokin, Pennsylvania

          2-Anthony Dean
          b: 1871

          2-Katherine Anne Dean
          b: abt 1872
          sp: Murphy

          2-Annie Deane
          b: 1875 in Pennsylvania

          2-Mary Dean
          b: 1877 in Pennsylvania
          d: 1960


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