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Descendants of Patrick Carey and Mary Tyne  All

Descendants of Patrick Carey and Mary Tyne by Children

Angel in the Clouds


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This line is not all confirmed yet.

1-Patrick Carey
b: abt 1835 in Ireland
sp: Maria Tyne
b: abt 1836 in Ireland

          2-Maggie R Carey
          b: abt 1860 in Ireland
          sp: Florance H. Foley
          2-Maria Carey  86946,1175609767,4.jpg (2382 bytes)
          b: abt 1862 in Ireland
          sp: Anthony J. Gallagher
          2-Mike Carey  86946,1175609767,4.jpg (2382 bytes)
          b: 1864 in Ireland

          2-Micheal H Carey
          b: abt 1866
          2-John J Carey  86946,1175609767,4.jpg (2382 bytes)
          b: abt 1868 in Ireland
          sp: None

          2-Patrick F Carey
          b: abt 1870 in Ireland
          sp: Kate Horan

          2-Henry M Carey
          b: abt 1873 in Pennsylvania
          sp: Sarah Dean
          b: abt 1876 in PA
          Descendant of Mike Dean and Mary

                    3-John D Carey
                    b: Oct 1 1905 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    d:Mt. Carmel, PA
                    sp: Theresa Antanavage
                    b:William Penn, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    d:Ashland, Butler Township, Schuylkill County, PA USA

                                        4-J. R. Carey
                                        sp: J. A. Orth

                                        4:Judith Carey
                                        sp:Ralph Disabella

                    3-Mary A. Carey
                    b: abt 1908
                    sp:Tilghman E.Unangst

                    3-Helen Carey
                    b: Apr 18 1909 Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    d:Mar 8 1988 Somerville, Somerset County, NJ USA
                    sp:Joseph D' Angelo

                    3-Catherine Josephine Carey
                    b: Oct 20 1911 Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    d:Jun 28 1997 Morristown, Morris, New Jersey, USA
                    sp: Terrence Francis Gownley
                    b: Sep 5 1905 Lost Creek, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    d: Jul 17 1970 Pottsville, Schuylkill County, PA USA
                    Descendant of Martin Gownley 
                    Michael Carey and Catherine Deane's, son John R. Carey's Daughter, Mary married brother James Gownley

                              4-T  F. Gownley
                              sp:E. M.. McCoy

                                          5-T F. Gownley 
                                          sp:M. A. McAndrew            

                              4-S. A. Gownley
                              sp:T. M. Wood

                                          5-unknown Wood

                                          5-unknown Wood

                                          5-unknown Wood

                                          5-unknown Wood

                              4-C. A. Gownley
                              sp:R. R. Staskel

                                          5-unknown Staskel

                                          5-unknown Staskel

                                          5-unknown Staskel

                                          5-unknown Staskel

                    3-Harry F. Carey
                    b: Sep 1 1918 in Lost Creek, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania\
                    d: Feb 14 2002
                    sp: Dorothy Strocko
                    m: Aug 6 1949

                              4-Cathy Carey
                              sp: Barrett

                                       5-Patrick Barrett

                              4-Carol Carey

          2-Julia C Carey
          b: abt 1876 in Pa.
          sp: Thomas E. Haley

          2-Edward Francis Carey
          b: Aug 6 1877 in William Penn , Pa.
          sp: Catherine V Byrne

                    3-Mary E Carey
                    b: abt 1911

                    3-Catherine F Carey
                    b: abt 1913

                    3-Helen M Carey
                    b: abt 1915
                    sp: Harold Carey

                    3-Margaret F Carey
                    b: abt 1916
                    sp: Paul Stoll

                              4-Paul Stoll

                    3-Lawrence Francis Carey
                    b: May 10 1921 in Pennsylvania
                    d: Nov 22 2005 in New Jersey
                    sp: Clare Marie Bradley
                    b: May 20 1924
                    d: Jul 8 1996 in New Jersey

                              4-Lawrence Francis Carey
                             sp: Marilyn Jane McColl

                                        5-Maura Colleen Carey

                                        5-Kevin Scott Carey
                                       sp: Jessalyn Schecker

                                                 6-Isabella Margaret Carey

                              4-Frances Bernadette Carey
                              sp: Robert Yarmchuk

                                        5-Kieth Yarmchuk

                                        5-Jill Yarmchuk

                              4-William Bradley Carey

                              4-Thomas Edward Carey

                                        5-Megan Carey

                              4-John Joseph Carey
                              sp: Cindi Sorgi

                                        5-Carrisa Carey

                                        5-Sean Carey

                              4-James Carey

                              4-Joseph Carey

                              4-Brian Patrick Carey

                    3-Edward Lawrence Carey
                    b: abt 1925
                    sp: Margaret A Kilker

                              4-Cheryl Ann Carey
                              sp: Stahl

                              4-Janice Carey
                              sp: Fogarty

                    3-Joseph E. Carey
                    b: Aug 18 1932 in Girardville
                    d: Jan 15 2002
                    sp: Margaret A. Parker

                              4-Kenneth J Carey

          2-Willie Carey
          b: Sep 1879 in Pa.
          sp: Victoria Escriche

          2-Fanny Carey
          b: abt 1882

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