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Descendants of Michael Carey and Catherine Deane by Children

  Descendants All for Michael Carey

Michael Carey boat5.gif (20027 bytes) newspaper.gif (2403 bytes) newspaper.gif (2403 bytes) newspaper11.gif (1894 bytes) 
Census  1840  1850  1860  1870  1880 view.gif (929 bytes) view.gif (929 bytes) 1890 Directory view.gif (929 bytes) 1900 
b: Mar 1835 in from Attawalla, Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland
d: Aug 24 1905 Lost Creek, Pa
Arrived in U.S. in 1964
sp: Catherine Deane  boat5.gif (20027 bytes)  Census  1840  1850  1860  1870  1880 view.gif (929 bytes) view.gif (929 bytes) 1890 Directory view.gif (929 bytes) 1900
b: abt 1840 Ireland
d: On or before Sept.1, 1908
Arrived in U.S. in 1964


            1-John R Carey 
          b: 1859 in Ireland
          d: Dec 11 1931
            2-Michael " Mike " Carey
          b: Mar 1860 in Belmullet, Mayo, Ireland Some records show as 1863  but is not correct.
          d.  on or before Aug. 23, 1927 in Girardville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
            3-Anthony J Carey
          b: Sep 16 1861 in Attawalla, Ballina, County Mayo Ireland
          d: Jan 10 1928 in Girardville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
            4-Catherine Carey (individual page)
          b: before  15th November 1863   in Attawalla, Ballina, County Mayo Ireland
          Died in infancy Died on Ship or shortly afterwards
            5-William "Willie" Carey
          b: Jul 1865 in Pennsylvania  
            6-Edward E "Eddie" Carey
          b: abt 1869 in Pennsylvania
            7-Bridgid "Bessie" Carey (individual page)
          b: 1870 in Pennsylvania
          sp: married a German name unknown
            8-Nellie L Carey
          b: 1872 in Pennsylvania  
            9-Mary Carey
          b: May 1877 in Pennsylvania
            10-Annie Carey (individual page)
          b: May 1875 in Pennsylvania Never Married.
          d. after 1930
            11-Katie F Carey
          b: Nov 1880 in Pennsylvania

John Carey and Anne Noone

This family was born in the same town as Michael Carey. There was three Carey families in the town. The town had twelves houses at it's peak time. Most likely this is Michael Carey's brother or cousin, or even father.. Since Michael Carey's small children were left behind with relatives and Anthony and Michael Carey Jr, his children, were raised in this town after there parents left for America, They didn't come over till around age 11 to 15. . There is no doubt they knew or even perhaps help raised them.

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