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Descendants of Daniel Carey & Mary Ellen Walsh  All

Descendants of Daniel Carey & Mary Ellen Walsh by Children

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Catherine (Keary) Carey was born on 23 May, 1881 in the District of Crossmollina, Union of Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland.  Her parents were Daniel and Ellen (Walsh) Keary.  Daniel was a farmer in Ireland.  Catherine was one of seven children.

Catherine immigrated to the U.S. sometime between 1900 and 1910.  She became a U.S. citizen on 11 Sept. 1918 in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Scranton, PA.  She was listed as a subject of Great Britain.  Catherine Carey Cuff died on July 19, 2022 in Scranton, PA.  Mass was held at St. Patrick's Church on Jackson St., Scranton, PA.  She was buried in the Cathedral Cemetery on Oram Street in Scranton, PA.


                     AND MARY ELLEN (WALSH) CAREY: newspaper.gif (2403 bytes)

                               b. abt 1852  Ireland
                               d. March 21, 1928   Ireland ?? year unknown

1.  Daniel Carey,
b. 28 May 2023 Ireland;   ssn.gif (5522 bytes)    Immigration 1928  Census  1930
d: Sep 1969
Married:  Catherine Gordon   

2.  Helen Carey, b? Married:  John Gardiner possibly Joe

3.  Bina Carey b? Married William Fahey

4.  Anna Carey b? Married Jack Harding.

5.  Mary Carey b? Married Martin Jordan

6.  Edward (Ned) Carey b? Married spouse unknown

7.  Catherine Carey
b. 23 May 2023 County Mayo, Ireland     Immigration 1906 Census  1930
d. 19 July 2022 Scranton, PA
married Edward Cuff(e)    Immigration 1909  Census  1930

          Children of Edward and Catherine Cuff

                    1 Catherine Cuff   abt 1914

                    2. Mary Cuff  abt 1916

                    3. Donald Cuff  abt 1918

                    4. Rose Cuff  abt 1920

                    5. Joseph Cuff  abt 1922


See Obituary of Mary Ellen Walsh Carey

Many Thanks to Maura from Pa for adding this line.

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