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My Family Tree includes the MengelMerkel , Huber , EngleConnors, BrownCarey , and Dean or Deane Families.Keim , Reinzel , Grath, Holl, Wild  of Pennsylvania, Germany and Ireland

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The primary goal of this free site is to have all the information together on one site.
Let's make this a reality . A site for our families to be proud.

Dedicated to
Margaret Rose Mengel
Who is with the Stars in the

Margaret Connors Mengel

Family was an important part of her life. 
 She is watching down on us now.  
Many thanks to her cousin Joan  Kinter, 
whom she called her sister, who did
extensive research on her family tree. 

Just click Angel on the top page
to get to the Descendant Page.

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Many have past away in the family since starting the updates.
Our deepest sympathy to the families.
Jimmy Monaghan
Standard Speaker

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Angel Clouds Descendant of
Michael Careyand Catherine Deane
Patrick Carey and Mary Tyne
Edward Connor and Margaret Brown
Michael Dean and Mary
Martin Gownley and Ann Cooney
Andrew McNamara  or Mack
Johan Nicholas Reintzel
Michael Scully
Daniel Carey & Mary Ellen Walsh
Andrew Dean and Catherine Rowan

Just for some fun Our Family Jokes

Random Thoughts

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Unknown Carey Pictures

   It has been a while since any major update, but it will be worth it,  the new data coming up, will fill in many gaps, and confirm many areas that were in question.  Apologize to the families that I have not been able to get up the obituaries and will honor everyone soon.

   Besides cleaning up the pages and reviewing for erros. The additions will include.

   Lots more obituaries, pictures and new lines.

    Image Census, and Newspaper articles.

    Links to gravestone pictures

   Mrs Edward Connors' wife Margaret Brown, parents are now found. A new line Kealy will be added.

James S or L. Mengle Father has been confirmed as Charles.

Our founding father of Mengel's was born in Swizterland. This is now documented.

Lots of new obituaries to help confirm lines will be coming soon.

An index to names will be added soon.

Pictures of the Month

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Emma Keim Merkel

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Jacob L. Mengel
son of
Jacob R. Mengel
Charle's Brother,
James S. or L.'s Uncle
Grandson of or Founding Father.

Much more then my family tree is included  Make sure you check out the Record Section
I will be including  Descendant  and Ancestor of other lines.   Resources too under Favorites .

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Carey and Dean Lines

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New York Times Article on Ship Universe, N. Y.

Michael and Catherine Carey's Son
Michael Carey and Hannah Deane Line
is being updated.

Maloney Line is growing.

Maloney Album

Patrick J. Deane wife was Margaret Carey, who's granddaugther married a Connor.

Connors Line

Corrections and additional information

Edward Connor wife Margaret Brown's line had a major break though. The new line will be coming soon.

Photo Albums still in infancy,
it is not finish yet.

Very Busy with updating lines and adding all the new data.

If you don't see what you have sent, it is going on site, just has not been put up yet.

There are many cousins contacting us. Anyone knowing any information please send it.


Robert W. Carey has an
Award Named after him.

Robert W. Carey Award

MickeyCareyen.jpg (870195 bytes)

Mickey Carey Played with the Dorsey Brothers
He had his own Radio Show
He made three Albums


If you find an errors, please email

This is for Our Family,

Let's get it as accurate as possible
I can't correct any errors if you don't inform me..

For the cousins who share their knowledge,
and emailed me, we all thank you.
This site is free for our  families,
it can't be complete till the gaps are all filled in.
The families that don't wish to add or share
what can I say.... let's start filling the gaps in.

The more you send the more the Tree can Grow.

We have people from all over the world contacting us.

Your Suggestions, Additions, Corrections, What you would like to be added, What you don't like or do like about the site.all are welcome, and very appreciated.

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****Our Robert Connors and Ed Carey***
are written about in the book
War Stories: The Men of the Airborne
by Bart Hagerman - 1993 - - 334 pages

wonderful reading , don't miss this one..
even if your family isn't connected..

patriotic21.gif (30800 bytes)

Freedom has a price

I would like to add the family members that gave their lives or have given service to our country
for our freedom
Without them we would not be living in the world we are today.
We thank each and everyone

A Separate Page will be add for all Verterans.

We all Honor You.
We are so Proud of You.

There are but two lasting gifts you can give your children: one is roots---the other---wings.

We have a Brand New Addition To the Family Tree.

783135050_m.jpg (6868 bytes)

Guess which two girls are second Cousins!!


In researhing the line, I have found out,, we had a cousin who died in the Battle of the Bulge
We also had family, at the Battle of the Bulge that survived. Cousins fighting side by side.
Several died in wars and many more of our family has serviced.

Grab a cup of Tea,  come right   in and browse around. Hope you enjoy your visit.

This will be growing  everyday so Check Back Often

As with all trees, if there is any errors. I gladly will correct them or
if you would like to add information ,  have a question or suggestion , it is more then welcome.
Remember to never take information as fact till verifed.
I would love to hear from people and their stories to bring our tree to life.

  Send mail to
[email protected]

I would love to hear from you.

Sign my Guest Book or make a comment or  request for information.

Guest Book
this takes alot of time to appear, it will though.

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Many thanks to Joan Fullen Kinter for all the Research on the Family Line.

A very Special Thank You to Mr. George Wolfe, for his contributions to the line.
His wonderful research skills and dedication to the family tree has been a major break though.

Many Thanks to Mr. Robert A. Noon. We just can't  thank you enough for your help and your resources.

I am redoing the site,  there maybe be errors at this time. Please be patience.
Coming soon
Name Index.

More information on Military

Easier navigation to get around the site.

More Pictures
More Cousins
More Information
Much much more.

Maybe some history on English workhouses.
I was not aware some of the Irish line didn't know about them.
Will try to write little history of surname and coat of Arms soon.
The surnames are very interesting..
Take the Carey means Dark Hair People..that is the Irish Carey's.
Are you aware in Irish History on the Wedding Night Englishman was the first to take the Irish bride
before her husband did, it was the law.

I had one Carey..finding out one of his ancestor was born in England...but found out the parents were Irish...

His reply was ...DON"T tell me I'm English...I'll kill myself..
After hearing about the workhouse.and the parents born in Ireland.
He put his rope away and the cap back on the poison bottle..

It's  O.K. if there is English in your line ,  cousin.

.as Margie Connors would say...

There is only two kinds of people.
Those that are Irish, and those who wish they were Irish.

So you got Irish in you , that is all that counts.

Some of us are Irish by injection, ..married into it , .that counts too.

If your heritage is not what you thought ...Remember you still come from a wonderful Family Tree.
We all are special., ...but am sure a true Irishman will never tell you he has English in him.,
Now , Now Cousins ,  some of us do have English in them..
I 'm not one of them or maybe I just didn't find it yet.

Well, cousin do you still have the rope and poison in case I have some strange blood in me..
I found allot of surprises along the way.

Be Proud of your Heritage no matter what it is...

My Husband wasn't upset about his Irish and English blood,
but was very upset when we found out that his Great Grandfather came from Germany.
He told me, all his life he was told of a certain heritage. he isn't..said it ruined his whole identity..
Well, he has a good Irish name..and what's wrong with German?
Shhhhh...don't ask him if he is German....

I guess, we are tied to our Heritage more then we realize.

I am of German  /  Irish far as I know...
My Children are League of Nations.
They have  Irish on both sides.

Anyone on this tree is Irish by Injection.
If you know someone on this site,
Your Irish by Connection.

I don't know to many people that would be upset to find out their Irish.
Everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day.

I am Proud of Us All
No matter What Country your Ancestors came.

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